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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 February 2017eefAnalytics: Analysing Education Trials  Kasim, A; Xiao, Z; Higgings, S; et al.
    7 November 2017An Empirical Unravelling of Lord's Paradox  Xiao, Z; Higgins, S; Kasim, A
    8 June 2020Latent class evaluation of educational trial: What percentage of children benefits from an intervention?  Uwimpuhwe, G; Higgins, S; Coux, M; et al.
    8 April 2019Mobile phones as life and thought companions  Xiao, Z
    1 December 2017The power of noise and the art of prediction  Xiao, Z; Higgins, S
    15 April 2016Same difference? Understanding variation in the estimation of effect sizes from educational trials  Xiao, Z; Kasim, A; Higgins, S
    3 April 2019"You are too out!": a mixed methods study of the ways in which digital divides articulate status and power in China  Xiao, Z