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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 November 2020Access to finance for Artificial Intelligence regulation in the financial services industry  Lee, J
    31 July 2020Blockchain and Smart Contract for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform: Legal Obstacles and Regulatory Solutions  Lee, J; Khan, VM
    28 February 2018The corporate governance officer as a transformed role of the company secretary: An international comparison  Lee, J
    1 July 2015Critical exposition of Japanese takeover law in an international context  Lee, J
    7 November 2017The current barriers to corporate takeovers in Japan: Do the UK Takeover Code and the EU Takeover Directive offer a solution?  Lee, J
    2018Distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) in capital markets: risk and governance  Lee, J
    16 December 2021Embedding Cryptoassets in the Law to Transform the Financial Market: Security Token Offering in the UK  Lee, J
    1 January 2017Equity clearing and settlement models in the UK and Taiwan: Market stability and investor protection perspectives  Lee, J
    21 May 2021Evaluating the Mandatory Bid Rule for Takeover Law in China: An Empirical and Comparative Analysis  Lee, J; Bao, Y; Li, J
    1 October 2015From 'Housekeeping' to 'Gatekeeping': The enhanced role of the company secretary in the governance system  Lee, J
    1 February 2017Intra-corporate dispute arbitration and minority shareholder protection: A corporate governance perspective  Lee, J
    23 February 2015Intra-corporate dispute arbitration and minority shareholder protection: a corporate governance perspective (working paper)  Lee, J
    30 April 2021Law and regulation for a crypto-market: perpetuation or innovation?  Lee, J
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    25 July 2020The prospect of regulatory alignment for an interconnected capital market between the UK and China: A takeover law perspective  Lee, J; Bao, Y
    31 May 2020A regulatory framework for cryptocurrency  Lee, J; L'heureux, F
    2017Striking a fair balance in UK takeover law: market interests, power of regulation, and enforcement  Lee, J
    2017Synergies, risks and the regulation of stock exchange interconnection  Lee, J