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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 October 2014Biomechanics of fibrous proteins of the extracellular matrix studied by Brillouin scattering  Palombo, F; Winlove, CP; Edginton, RS; et al.
    15 September 2016Brillouin spectroscopy applied to protein fibers of the extracellular matrix  Edginton, RS; Mattana, S; Caponi, S; et al.
    20 February 2018Dual scale biomechanics of extracellular matrix proteins probed by Brillouin scattering and quasistatic tensile testing  Edginton, RS; Green, EM; Winlove, CP; et al.
    2 May 2018Subwavelength hyperspectral THz studies of articular cartilage  Stantchev, RI; Mansfield, JC; Edginton, RS; et al.