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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 July 2018Web-Based Intervention Using Behavioral Activation and Physical Activity for Adults With Depression (The eMotion Study): Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial  Lambert, J; Greaves, C; Farrand, P; et al.
    5 December 2013Weightlifting exercise and the size-weight illusion  Buckingham, G; Byrne, CM; Paciocco, J; et al.
    2011When the chips are down: Effects of attributional feedback on self-efficacy and task performance following initial and repeated failure  Coffee, P; Rees, T
    1 August 2003Working at a marginal ‘career’: the case of UK social science contract researchers  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    29 May 2015Working memory capacity, controlled attention and aiming performance under pressure.  Wood, G; Vine, Samuel J.; Wilson, Mark R.
    22 July 2016Working Memory Capacity, Visual Attention and Hazard Perception in Driving  Wood, G; Hartley, G; Furley, PA; et al.
    31 July 2018Wrist-worn accelerometry for runners: Objective quantification of training load  Stiles, VH; Pearce, M; Moore, I; et al.
    27 May 2019WS02-3-1 Validity of prediction equations for evaluating aerobic fitness in cystic fibrosis  Tomlinson, OW; Barker, AR; Trott, J; et al.
    27 May 2019WS02-3-2 Predicting intravenous antibiotic usage with cardiopulmonary exercise testing in cystic fibrosis  Wooldridge, DJ; Tomlinson, OW; Bland, CL; et al.
    1 June 2018WS08.1 The utility of oxygen uptake efficiency as a marker of aerobic fitness in children with cystic fibrosis  Tomlinson, OW; Barker, AR; Chubbock, LV; et al.