Dry Tree in Chiaroscuro

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Dry Tree in Chiaroscuro

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Title: Dry Tree in Chiaroscuro
Author: Oldcorn, Benjamin David
Advisor: Leyshon, MichaelDeSilvey, Caitlin
Publisher: University of Exeter
Date Issued: 2010-08-16
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10036/112809
Abstract: The word ‘chiaroscuro’ is defined as ‘the treatment of light and shade in a work of art’ (Oxford English Dictionary). It is employed in this context to highlight the light and shadow that characterises the former radar station RAF Dry Tree at Goonhilly, Cornwall. More generally it is also employed to demonstrate the tensions that manifest themselves at Dry Tree and similar sites. The material remains of the recent past are becoming the focus for official and unofficial heritage producers and consumers alike. How we respond to and manage these sites is becoming increasingly important. Through the use of oral histories, traditional typology and experiential investigation this thesis will endeavour to examine one site – RAF Dry Tree - and begin to suggest ways in which we might approach and manage such sites in the future, both as researchers and heritage practitioners.
Type: Thesis or dissertation

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