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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 March 2009A 3.3mm Survey of Circumstellar Material in rho Ophiuchus  Hogg, David Forbes
    30 September 2014Acoustic Metamaterials: ‘The Influence of Boundary Effects on Resonant Acoustic Transmission through a Thin Slit’  Lovelock, Ruth Kathleen
    31 March 2016Alkane Synthesis in the Genus Desulfovibrio  Daniels, Hannah
    30 September 2011Armed and Educated: Determining the Identity of the Medieval Combatant.  Matzke, Johann Keller Wheelock
    21 October 2019Balancing fundamental principles of the EU and the primacy of UN law: in search of a multilateral approach to the protection of human rights  Marino Noberasco, G
    3 March 2017Behavioural Activation for Depression in Long Term Conditions: Developing a Behavioural Activation Guided Self-Help Intervention for Depression in Dementia  Harris, Sarah Jane
    20 September 2012The Birth of Psychedelic Literature: Drug Writing and the rise of LSD Therapy 1954 – 1964  Dickins, Robert John
    2 April 2012Biting Tongues/ Critical Theory as Creative Tool: Using Bakhtin’s Theory of Double-Voiced Discourse to Edit a Short Novel  Thatcher, Andrew John
    7 July 2015Can a narrative approach to Paul’s epistles help to enrich scriptural engagement in contemporary ecclesial settings?  Henry, John Paul
    29 June 2012A Case Study Examination into How Charities Enhance Fundraising Effectiveness through Managing Relationship with Donors and Beneficiaries  Zheng, Yanjun
    1 October 2009A Case Study Examination into How Suppliers Create and Deliver Customer-Perceived Value through a Long-Term Industrial Buyer-Supplier Relationship  Scott, James Jonathan
    8 June 2020Causality of the Link between Autumn Arctic Sea Ice and the Winter Extratropical Atmosphere  Warner, J
    21 September 2012Character Consciousness in Modernist and Postmodernist Plays: An Exploration Through Playwriting  Brummitt, Adam
    31 March 2009Chemical and Biochemical Silica Surface Modifications for the Development of Medical Analyses  Kretzers, Ivo
    3 March 2021The Cistercian Infirmary in England, Wales, and Scotland in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries: Lived Experience, Function, and Form  Inglis, T
    3 August 2016Construction of Family Identity through Consumption in Jinan, China  Tan, Hui
    13 May 2018Context-Independent Task Knowledge for Neurosymbolic Reasoning in Cognitive Robotics  Kirk, N
    13 March 2012Control, co-operation and conflict: an interdiscinplinary study of later medieval urban water management in Britain AD 1066-1540  Wilby, Margaret Jean
    28 June 2021Corneal confocal microscopy for diagnosis of diabetic peripheral neuropathy: an analysis of patients with diabetes screened as part of the South Manchester Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service  Carmichael, J
    24 October 2016The Culture of Food and Feasting in High Medieval England, c. 1066-1330  Staffin, Ross