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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011"6/8 rhythm" Meets "lova-tsofina": Experiencing Malagasy Music  Fuhr, Jenny
    2009The aesthetic imperative of a rational-technical machinery: a study in organizational control through the design of artifacts  Witkin, Robert W.
    2009Agency and domination in communicative performance  Miles, Stephen
    22 September 2016All We Hope For  Lenette, Caroline; Procopis, Brian
    2010Applied ethnomusicology: bridging research and action  Pettan, Svanibor
    2017Artistic Practices: social interactions and cultural dynamics  Schurig, Eva
    1 June 2008Arts in ecology: questions of foresight  Haley, David
    2017Aumi-Futurism: The Elsewhere and "Elsewhen" of (Un)Rolling the Boulder and Turning the Page  Stewart, Jesse; Tucker, Sherrie; Williams, Peter A; et al.
    2011Bambeh’s Song: Music, Women and Health in a Rural Community in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone  Bingley, Kate
    2014Beyond Decoding: Art Installations and Mediation of Audiences  Farkhatdinov, B
    22 March 2016Broken Wing  Lenette, Caroline; Procopis, Brian
    2011Call for Papers, Theme Issue: "Musical and artistic mediations"  MAiA Editorial Team
    2012Choral, Public and Private Listener Responses to Hildegard Westerkamp's École Polytechnique  McCartney, Andra; McCarthy, Marta
    2009Collective identity and racial thought in São Paulo’s black gospel music scene  Burdick, John Samuel
    2016Conflict and Reparation: The agency of music in modern monastic community dynamics  Haste, AJ
    2016Creating A Dialogue through Improvisation in Cross-cultural Collaborations  Sanderson, Griselda
    2016'Criminals' Performing for Change: Budhan Theatre´s fight against injustice and police atrocity  Bhatt, S
    2017Editorial  Boia, Pedro S; Robertson, Craig; Guran-Aydin, Pinar; et al.
    2016Editorial  Boia, PS
    2014Editorial  MAiA Editorial Team