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    18 December 2015The adoption of new prescription drugs is strongly associated with prior category prescribing rate  Stern, Philip; Wright, Malcolm
    18 December 2015The adoption of new prescription drugs is strongly associated with prior category prescribing rate  Stern, Philip; Wright, Malcolm
    2012The advantage of resource queues over spot markets: decision coordination in experiments with resource uncertainty  Fonseca, Miguel A.; Pfaff, Alexander; Osgood, Daniel
    23 April 2015The analysis of multilevel networks in organizations: models and empirical tests  Zappa, P; Lomi, A
    16 December 2019The antecedent role of a collaborative vs. a controlling corporate culture on firm-wide integrated marketing communication and brand performance  Porcu, L; Del Barrio, S; Kitchen, P; et al.
    1 November 2016The applicability of the OTS Complexity Index to comparative analysis between countries: Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and he UK  Budak, T; James, SR
    1 November 2007The Association between Partnership Financial Integration and Risky Audit Client Portfolios  Hay, David C.; Baskerville, Rachel F.; Qiu, Travis Hui
    31 January 2017The association between work-related rumination and heart rate variability: A field study  Cropley, M; Plans, D; Morelli, D; et al.
    2007The Benefits of a more Strategic Approach to Tax Administration and the Role of Performance Indicators  James, Simon; Svetalekth, Thamrongsak; Wright, Brian
    1 February 2010The benefits of costly voting  Chakravarty, Surajeet; Kaplan, Todd R.; Myles, Gareth D.
    11 April 2017The Best I Can Be: How Self-Accountability Impacts Product Choice in Technology-Mediated Environments  Rowe, ZO; Wilson, HN; Dimitriu, RM; et al.
    19 September 2019The British house magazine 1945 to 2015: The creation of family, organisation and markets  Heller, M; Rowlinson, M
    25 July 2017The bullwhip effect under count time series: The case of first order integer auto-regressive demand processes  Rostami-Tabar, B; Disney, SM
    15 July 2015The bullwhip effect: Progress, trends and directions  Wang, X; Disney, SM
    27 October 2014The Challenges of Consulting the Public on Science Policy: Examining the Development of European Risk Assessment Policy for Genetically Modified Animals  Hartley, S; Millar, KM
    6 July 2017The clustering conditions for managing creative tourism destinations: the Alqueva region case, Portugal  Dias-Sardinha, I; Ross, D; Calapez Gomes, A
    2010The co-creation of a retail Innovation: shoppers and the early supermarket in Britain  Alexander, Andrew; Nell, Dawn; Bailey, Adrian R.; et al.
    9 March 2016The ‘coalition of the unlikely’ driving the EU regulatory process of non-financial reporting  Monciardini, David
    2 March 2018The coevolution of social networks and thoughts of quitting  Tröster, C; Parker, A; van Knippenberg, D; et al.
    17 June 2013The comparison of ad valorem and specific taxation under uncertainty  Kotsogiannis, Christos; Serfes, Konstantinos