Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field

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Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field

Show simple item record Cabrera, J. en_GB Fridlund, M. en_GB Ollivier, M. en_GB Gandolfi, D. en_GB Csizmadia, Sz. en_GB Alonso, R. en_GB Aigrain, Suzanne en_GB Alapini, Aude en_GB Almenara, J.-M. en_GB Barge, P. en_GB Bonomo, A. S. en_GB Bordé, P. en_GB Bouchy, F. en_GB Bruntt, H. en_GB Carone, L. en_GB Carpano, S. en_GB Deeg, H. J. en_GB De la Reza, R. en_GB Deleuil, M. en_GB Dvorak, R. en_GB Erikson, A. en_GB Gillon, M. en_GB Gondoin, P. en_GB Guenther, E. W. en_GB Guillot, T. en_GB Hartmann, M. en_GB Hatzes, A. en_GB Hébrard, G. en_GB Jorda, L. en_GB Lammer, H. en_GB Léger, A. en_GB Llebaria, A. en_GB Lovis, C. en_GB Magain, P. en_GB Mayor, M. en_GB Mazeh, T. en_GB Moutou, C. en_GB Ofir, A. en_GB Pätzold, M. en_GB Pepe, F. en_GB Pont, F. en_GB Queloz, D. en_GB Rabus, M. en_GB Rauer, H. en_GB Régulo, C. en_GB Renner, S. en_GB Rouan, D. en_GB Samuel, B. en_GB Santerne, A. en_GB Schneider, J. en_GB Shporer, A. en_GB Stecklum, B. en_GB Tingley, B. en_GB Udry, S. en_GB Wuchterl, G. en_GB 2009-11-25T16:04:29Z en_GB 2011-01-25T11:55:04Z en_US 2013-03-20T13:01:49Z 2009 en_GB
dc.description.abstract Aims. We present here the list of planetary transit candidates detected in the first long run observed by CoRoT: LRc01, towards the galactic center in the direction of Aquila, which lasted from May to October 2007. Methods. we analyzed 3719 (33%) sources in the chromatic bands and 7689 in the monochromatic band. Instrumental noise and the stellar variability were treated with several detrending tools, on which subsequently several transit search algorithms were applied. Results. Forty two sources were classified as planetary transit candidates and up to now 26 cases have been solved. One planet (CoRoT-2b) and one brown-dwarf (CoRoT-3b) have been the subjects of detailed publications. en_GB
dc.identifier.citation 506 (1), pp. 501-517 en_GB
dc.identifier.doi 10.1051/0004-6361/200912684 en_GB
dc.identifier.uri en_GB
dc.language.iso en en_GB
dc.publisher EDP Sciences en_GB
dc.relation.url en_GB
dc.subject photometric techniques en_GB
dc.subject radial velocities techniques en_GB
dc.subject spectroscopic techniques en_GB
dc.subject stars en_GB
dc.subject planetary systems en_GB
dc.title Planetary transit candidates in CoRoT-LRc01 field en_GB
dc.type Article en_GB 2009-11-25T16:04:29Z en_GB 2011-01-25T11:55:04Z en_US 2013-03-20T13:01:49Z
dc.identifier.issn 0004-6361 en_GB
dc.identifier.issn 1432-0746 en_GB
dc.description Copyright © The European Southern Observatory (ESO) en_GB
dc.identifier.journal Astronomy and Astrophysics en_GB

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