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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011"6/8 rhythm" Meets "lova-tsofina": Experiencing Malagasy Music  Fuhr, Jenny
    2009Accommodating the newfound strategic importance of educational technologists within higher education: a critical literature review  Shurville, Simon; Browne, Tom; Whitaker, Marian
    2009The aesthetic imperative of a rational-technical machinery: a study in organizational control through the design of artifacts  Witkin, Robert W.
    2009Agency and domination in communicative performance  Miles, Stephen
    2 February 2002All you need is cognitive behaviour therapy?  Holmes, Jeremy
    1 June 1998Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for hypertension in general practice  Taylor, Rod S.; Stockman, J; Kernick, D; et al.
    1 February 2000Amplification of PCR products in excess of 600 base pairs using DNA extracted from decalcified, paraffin wax embedded bone marrow trephine biopsies  Wickham, C L; Boyce, M; Joyner, M V; et al.
    2010Applied ethnomusicology: bridging research and action  Pettan, Svanibor
    1 June 2008Arts in ecology: questions of foresight  Haley, David
    8 September 2001Assessment of therapeutic safety in systematic reviews: literature review  Ernst, Edzard; Pittler, Max H
    2017Aumi-Futurism: The Elsewhere and "Elsewhen" of (Un)Rolling the Boulder and Turning the Page  Stewart, Jesse; Tucker, Sherrie; Williams, Peter A; et al.
    2011Bambeh’s Song: Music, Women and Health in a Rural Community in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone  Bingley, Kate
    2014Beyond Decoding: Art Installations and Mediation of Audiences  Farkhatdinov, B
    3 November 2001Bias in alternative medicine is still rife but is diminishing  Schmidt, Katja; Pittler, Max H; Ernst, Edzard
    23 February 2010Britain's Mideast arms embargo  Unknown author
    2011Call for Papers, Theme Issue: "Musical and artistic mediations"  MAiA Editorial Team
    1 February 2007Canute rules the waves?: Hope for e-library tools facing the challenge of the "Google generation"  Myhill, Martin
    3 May 2021Cayman Islands Sea Turtle Nesting Population Increases Over 22 Years of Monitoring  Blumenthal, JM; Hardwick, JL; Austin, TJ; et al.
    8 December 2010The challenges of OER to Academic Practice  Browne, Tom; Holding, Richard; Howell, Anna; et al.
    2013Championing the library: involving students in development, advocacy and stock selection  Gale, Caroline