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  • Ambient vibration re-testing and operational modal analysis of the Humber Bridge 

    Brownjohn, James; Magalhaes, Felipe; Caetano, Elsa; Cunha, Alvaro (Elsevier, 2010-08)
    An ambient vibration survey of the Humber Bridge was carried out in July 2008 by a combined team from the UK, Portugal and Hong Kong. The exercise had several purposes that included the evaluation of current technology ...
  • Ambient vibration studies for system identification of tall buildings 

    Brownjohn, James (Wiley, 2002-10-29)
    The performance of a building under wind and seismic loads depends on stiffness and mass distribution, and may be estimated using finite element codes. Experience has, however, shown that such finite element models often ...
  • Ambient vibration survey of the Bosporus Suspension Bridge 

    Brownjohn, James; Dumanoglu, AA; Severn, RT; Blakeborough, AB (Wiley, 1989-02)
    Traffic and wind excitation has been used to obtain the dynamic characteristics of the first Bosporus (Bogazici) Suspension Bridge. Structural symmetry and the absence of suspended side-spans allowed attention to be focused ...
  • Ambient vibration survey of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet (Second Bosporus) Suspension Bridge 

    Brownjohn, James; Dumanoglu, AA; Severn, RT (Wiley, 1992)
    Ambient accelerations due to dynamic excitation by wind and traffic were measured on the deck, towers, cables and hangers of the Fatih suspension bridge. From these measurements it was possible to obtain natural frequencies, ...
  • Ambiguity and Accident Law 

    Chakravarty, S; Kelsey, D (Wiley for Association for Public Economic Theory, 2016-03-16)
    Environmental accidents often involve ambiguous risks, i.e., the relevant probabilities are unknown. This paper studies how liability rules are affected by ambiguity. The injurer and the victim choose a level of care, which ...
  • Ambiguity and public good provision in large societies 

    Bailey, Ralph W.; Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David (Blackwell, 2005-12)
    In this paper, we consider the effect of ambiguity on the private provision of public goods. Equilibrium is shown to exist and be unique. We examine how provision of the public good changes as the size of the population ...
  • Ambiguity and social interaction 

    Eichberger, Jürgen; Kelsey, David; Schipper, Burkhard C. (Oxford University Press, 2003-03)
    We present a non-technical account of ambiguity in strategic games and show how it may be applied to economics and social sciences. Optimistic and pessimistic responses to ambiguity are formally modelled. We show that ...
  • Ambiguity aversion and stock market participation: an empirical analysis 

    Antoniou, Constantinos; Harris, Richard D. F.; Zhang, Ruogu (Elsevier, 2015-04-14)
    Stock market participation is very low, with approximately two thirds of all U.S. households not owning any public equity. This is a puzzle in the context of the basic Expected Utility model. One explanation put forward ...
  • Ambiguity Aversion and the Stock Market Participation: Empirical Evidence 

    Zhang, Ruo Gu (University of ExeterBusiness School, 2015-04-28)
    Theoretical models predict that ambiguity is an asset pricing factor in addition to risk, however few of them have been tested in the real market. This thesis tests one of the hypotheses that, investors’ propensity to ...
  • Ambiguity aversion, company size and the pricing of earnings forecasts 

    Antoniou, Constantinos; Galariotis, Emilios C.; Read, Daniel (2013-01-29)
    Several authors have reported an unconditional size effect in returns around earnings announcements. In this study we show how this finding can be understood as resulting from ambiguity aversion. We hypothesize that analyst ...
  • Ambiguity in financial markets: herding and contrarian behaviour 

    Ford, J.L.; Kelsey, David; Pang, Wei (Department of Economics, University of Birmingham, 2006-11)
    The paper studies the impact of ambiguity on history-dependant beahviour in the standard microstructure model of financial markets. We show that differences in ambiguity attitudes between market makers and traders can ...
  • Ambiguity in Games: Theory and Experiments 

    le Roux, Sara (University of ExeterEconomics, 2012-09-03)
    Ambiguity arises when a decision maker fails to assign a subjective probability to an event. This failure to attach a subjective probability to an event is caused by a lack of information about the event. Ambiguity provides ...
  • Ambiguity in partnerships 

    Kelsey, David; Spanjers, Willy (Blackwell, 2004-07)
    The consequences of ambiguity for partnerships are addressed. Partnerships with symmetric linear production functions are analysed in a Choquet Expected Utility (CEU)-framework. Nash equilibrium in pure strategies is ...
  • Ambiguity, pessimism, and rational religious choice 

    Melkonyan, Tigran; Pingle, Mark (Springer, 2010)
    Using a subclass of the α-maximin expected-utility preference model, in which the decision maker’s degree of ambiguity and degree of pessimism are each parameterized, we present a theory of religious choice in the Pascalian ...
  • Ambipolar diffusion in low-mass star formation. I. General comparison with the ideal MHD case 

    Masson, J; Chabrier, G; Hennebelle, P; Vaytet, N; Commerçon, B (EDP Sciences, 2016-02-12)
    In this paper, we provide a more accurate description of the evolution of the magnetic flux redistribution during prestellar core collapse by including resistive terms in the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations. We focus ...
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for hypertension in general practice 

    Taylor, Rod S.; Stockman, J; Kernick, D; Reinhold, D; Shore, Angela C.; Tooke, J E (1998-06)
  • Amelia dioramic paper picture: Eton College 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • Amelia dioramic paper picture: Linlithgow Palace 

    Unknown author (2009-11-10)
  • America Seen: British and American Nineteenth Century Travels in the United States 

    Hallett, Adam Neil (University of ExeterEnglish, 2010-11-22)
    The thesis discusses the development of nineteenth century responses to the United States. It hinges upon the premise that travel writing is narrative and that the travelling itself must therefore be constructed (or ...
  • AMI-LA radio continuum observations of Spitzer c2d small clouds and cores: Perseus region 

    Scaife, Anna M.M.; Hatchell, Jennifer; Davies, Matthew; Franzen, Thomas M.O.; Grainge, Keith J.B.; Hobson, Michael P.; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Lasenby, Anthony N.; Olamaie, Malak; Perrott, Yvette C.; Pooley, Guy G.; Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Carmen; Saunders, Richard D.E.; Schammel, Michel P.; Scott, Paul F.; Shimwell, Timothy; Titterington, David; Waldram, Elizabeth (Oxford University Press / Royal Astronomical Society, 2011)
    We present deep radio continuum observations of the cores identified as deeply embedded young stellar objects in the Perseus molecular cloud by the Spitzer c2d programme at a wavelength of 1.8 cm with the Arcminute Microkelvin ...