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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    27 June 2016V346 Normae: First post-outburst observations of an FU Orionis star  Kraus, S; Caratti o Garatti, A.; Garcia-Lopez, R.; et al.
    10 May 2016Vaccinating Italian infants with a new multicomponent vaccine (Bexsero®) against meningococcal B disease: A cost-effectiveness analysis  Gasparini, R; Landa, P; Amicizia, D; et al.
    31 March 2017Vaccination and the communist state  Vargha, D
    14 April 2014Vaccination of badgers and the control of TB  Wielochowski, Alexander Daniel
    2013Vaccine delivery using nanoparticles  Gregory, AE; Titball, R; Williamson, D
    10 November 2009vagabond king  Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; McCarthy
    10 November 2009vagabond king  Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd; McCarthy
    10 November 2009Valentino  Arnold; Valentino, Rudolph
    10 November 2009Valerie Hobson  John Player & Sons; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.
    1 June 2015Validated predictive modelling of the environmental resistome  Amos, GCA; Gozzard, E; Carter, CE; et al.
    22 October 2018Validating a rapid assessment framework for screening surface water flood risk  Webber, J; Booth, G; Gunasekara, R; et al.
    7 June 2016Validating weather and climate models at small Rossby numbers: including a boundary layer  Beare, RJ; Cullen, MJP
    9 August 2017Validation and intercomparison of ocean color algorithms for estimating particulate organic carbon in the oceans  Evers-King, H; Martinez-Vicente, V; Brewin, RJW; et al.
    16 June 2019Validation of a Coupled CFD Model for Evaluating Floating Tidal Systems  Brown, SA; Ransley, EJ; Greaves, DM; et al.
    1 June 2010Validation of a non-invasive fluorescence imaging system to monitor dermatological PDT  Tyrrell, Jessica S.; Campbell, Sandra M.; Curnow, Alison
    30 October 2018Validation of hip osteoarthritis diagnosis recording in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink  Ferguson, RJ; Prieto-Alhambra, D; Walker, C; et al.
    25 August 2016Validation of Reference Genes for Robust qRT-PCR Gene Expression Analysis in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae  Che Omar, S; Bentley, MA; Morieri, G; et al.
    2 September 2014Validation of surrogate endpoints in advanced solid tumors: systematic review of statistical methods, results, and implications for policy makers.  Ciani, O; Davis, S; Tappenden, P; et al.
    7 July 2018Validation of the binary designation 'Symbiodinium thermophilum' (Dinophyceae)  Hume, BCC; D'Angelo, C; Smith, EG; et al.
    10 April 2019Validation of the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory Observational (CMAI-O) Tool  Griffiths, A; Albertyn, C; Burnley, N; et al.