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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 January 2023W' Recovery Kinetics during Variable-Pace Exercise: Investigating the Effects of Inherent Variability and Dynamic Changes in the Power-Duration Relationship  Lewis, J
    15 November 2016W.E.Gladstone and British Policy Towards the Ottoman Empire  Yildizeli, Fahriye Begum
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    10 November 2009W.S. Hart: Paramount  Unknown author
    21 May 2018Wafer scale FeCl3 intercalated graphene electrodes for photovoltaic applications  Walsh, K; Murphy, C; Jones, G; et al.
    13 February 2023Wage labour and living standards in early modern England: a case study of the Shuttleworth accounts, Lancashire 1582-1621  Jiang, L
    28 September 2020Wage Labour and Poverty on a Dorset Estate, c. 1680-1834  Ridgway, A
    4 August 2021Waiting as probation: selecting self-disciplining asylum seekers  Vianelli, L; Gill, N; Hoellerer, N
    17 May 2024Waiting to be discovered? Community partnerships, the facilitation of diverse memory, and reflections on academic success and failure  Kempshall, C; Pennell, C; Tattersall, F
    2024Waiting with Beckett in the Anthropocene  Salisbury, L
    16 July 2009Walker Walked Away  Lipton, Dan; Murphy, C.W.
    10 November 2009Walking shadows: an essay on Lotte Reiniger's silhouette films  Hogarth Press; White, Eric Walter; Reiniger, Lotte
    29 June 2022Walking with increasing acceleration is achieved by tuning ankle torque onset timing and rate of torque development  Wade, L; Birch, J; Farris, DJ
    10 November 2009Wallace & Gromit West Wallaby Street Playhouse  Vivid Imaginations Ltd
    10 November 2009Wallace & Gromit's Going Crackers Game  Pressman Toy Corporation
    10 November 2009Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave razor holder  Euromark plc
    10 November 2009Wallace Beery  John Player & Sons; Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.
    10 November 2009Wallace Beery and John Mack Brown: in 'Billy the kid'  Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.; W.D. & H.O. Willis
    10 November 2009Walt Disney and 'Mickey Mouse'  Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.; W.D. & H.O. Willis
    10 November 2009Walt Disney jigsaw wall plaque: Grumpy  Tower Press Ltd.