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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2014Zalabiyeh on the Euphrates: the historical evidence and the 2010 archaeological discoveries  Loosley, Emma; Bryant, Joshua
    22 July 2010Zen history  Gallois, W
    2010Zenélés a „víg gettóban”. A cseh underground 1968 és 1989 között  Hagen, Trever
    20 April 2016Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) and their derivatives: synthesis and energy related applications  Chen, Binling
    6 May 2016Zero reflection and transmission in graded index media  King, CG; Horsley, SAR; Philbin, TG
    2011Zero-energy states in graphene quantum dots and rings  Downing, C.A.; Stone, D.A.; Portnoi, M.E.
    18 March 2019Zero-energy vortices in Dirac materials  Downing, CA; Portnoi, ME
    7 December 2020Zero-refractive-index materials and topological photonics  Horsley, SAR; Woolley, M
    15 May 2019Zero-velocity detection—a Bayesian approach to adaptive thresholding  Wahlstrom, J; Skog, I; Gustafsson, F; et al.
    20 April 2018Zeta potentials of the rare earth element fluorcarbonate minerals focusing on bastnäsite and parisite.  Owens, CL; Nash, GR; Hadler, K; et al.
    2015Zhongguo yuanlin de jieshixue chuantong 中国园林的解释学传统 (The Hermeneutical tradition of Chinese gardens)  Zhuang, Y; Wang, Q
    8 September 2016Zigzag-Shaped Superlattices on the Basis of Graphene Nanoribbons: Structure and Electronic Properties  Saroka, VA; Batrakov, KG
    27 February 2020Zinc can counteract selection for ciprofloxacin resistance  Vos, M; Sibleyras, L; Lo, LK; et al.
    13 April 2016Zircon LA-ICPMS geochronology of the Cornubian Batholith, SW England  Neace, ER; Nance, RD; Murphy, JB; et al.
    10 November 2009Zoetrope  Sala
    10 November 2009Zoetrope: Wheel of life  London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co.
    10 November 2009Zograscope  Unknown author
    23 June 2009Zograscope  Unknown author
    10 November 2009Zograscope viewer in shape of model watermill  Unknown author
    1 July 2016Zombie Cities: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction and the Metropolis  Yeates, Robert Anthony