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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 October 2020Auctions with leaks about early bids: analysis and experimental behavior  Fischer, S; Guth, W; Kaplan, TR; et al.
    4 September 2018Cooperation through Coordination in Two Stages  Kaplan, TR; Ruffle, B; Shtudiner, Z
    30 March 2018Decision Making With Risk-Based Weather Warnings  Mu, D; Kaplan, TR; Dankers, R
    27 October 2017Information Aggregation in Arrow-Debreu Markets: An Experiment  Choo, L; Kaplan, TR; Zultan, R
    2021Manipulation and (mis)trust in prediction markets  Choo, L; Kaplan, TR; Zultan, R
    23 March 2017Protection in government procurement auctions  Cole, M; Davies, R; Kaplan, TR
    11 May 2021Should regulators always be transparent? A bank run experiment  Chakravarty, S; Choo, L; Fonseca, M; et al.
    7 September 2021Two-stage contests with preferences over style  Kaplan, TR; Wettstein, D
    20 September 2018When Costly Voting is Beneficial  Chakravarty, S; Kaplan, TR; Myles, G
    29 August 2020Why do investment banks buy put options from companies?  Gyoshev, SB; Kaplan, TR; Szewczyk, S; et al.