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  • All-pay auctions with variable rewards 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Sela, Aner; Wettstein, David (Blackwell, 2002-12)
    We study all–pay auctions with variable rewards under incomplete information. In standard models, a reward depends on a bidder’s privately known type; however, in our model it is also a function of his bid. We show that ...
  • Caps on Political Lobbying: Comment. 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Wettstein, David (American Economic Association, 2006)
    The article focuses on spending caps, and compares those used in politics with many examples in sports economics. In 1999, the party of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was fined $3.2 million for exceeding Israel's campaign ...
  • Government policy towards multi-national corporations 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Wettstein, David (Vanderbilt University, 2003-05-20)
    We analyze an environment with asymmetric information where a country tries to attract a multi-national corporation. The country can use both taxes and grants to meet its objective of maximizing net revenues. We show that ...
  • Innovative Activity with Sunk Cost 

    Kaplan, Todd R.; Luski, Israel; Wettstein, David (Elsevier, 2003-10)
    We analyze innovative activity in a general framework with time-dependent rewards and sunk costs. When firms are identical, innovation is delayed by an increase in the number of firms or a decrease in the size of the reward. ...