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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2015Immune response in a wild bird is predicted by oxidative status, but does not cause oxidative stress.  Cram, Dominic Laurence; Blount, Jonathan D.; York, JE; et al.
    27 April 2015Immune responses of wild birds to emerging infectious diseases  Staley, M.; Bonneaud, Camille
    16 November 2016Immune-challenged fish up-regulate their metabolic scope to support locomotion  Bonneaud, C; Wilson, R; Seebacher, F
    29 March 2016Immunisation with proteins expressed during chronic murine melioidosis provides enhanced protection against disease  Champion, OL; Gourlay, LJ; Scott, AE; et al.
    2004Immunization with the C-domain of α-toxin prevents lethal infection, localizes tissue injury, and promotes host response to challenge with Clostridium perfringens  Stevens, Dennis L.; Titball, Richard W.; Jepson, Marie; et al.
    23 February 2016ImmunoPET/MR imaging allows specific detection of Aspergillus fumigatus lung infection in vivo  Rolle, AM; Hasenberg, M; Thornton, CR; et al.
    13 March 2018Impact of motorboats on fish embryos depends on engine type  Jain-Schlaepfer, S; Fakan, E; Rummer, JL; et al.
    5 April 2018Impact of piglet oral vaccination against tuberculosis in endemic free-ranging wild boar populations  Díez-Delgado, I; Sevilla, IA; Romero, B; et al.
    7 April 2017Impact of tropical forest logging on the reproductive success of leatherback turtles  Patino-Martinez, J; Godley, BJ; Quinones, L; et al.
    2013Impacts of climate change on fish  Simpson, SD; Blanchard, JL; Genner, MG
    2013Impacts of climate change on the body size of horse mackerel in the North Sea  Harding, H; Rutterford, L; Genner, M; et al.
    3 February 2021Impacts of multiple pollutants on pollinator activity in road verges (article)  Phillips, BB; Bullock, JM; Gaston, KJ; et al.
    11 January 2021Impacts of multiple pollutants on pollinator activity in road verges (dataset)  Phillips, BB; Bullock, JM; Gaston, KJ; et al.
    15 April 2014Impacts of removing badgers on localised counts of hedgehogs  Trewby, ID; Young, R; McDonald, RA; et al.
    15 May 2019Imperfect camouflage: how to hide in a variable world?  Hughes, A; Liggins, E; Stevens, M
    17 April 2014Implications of streamlining theory for microbial ecology.  Giovannoni, SJ; Cameron Thrash, J; Temperton, B
    1 November 2019Important Bird Areas: Ascension Island  Weber, N; Weber, SB
    9 January 2019Improved camouflage through ontogenetic colour change confers reduced detection risk in shore crabs  Nokelainen, O; Maynes, R; Mynott, S; et al.
    13 July 2015Improved prediction of RNA secondary structure by integrating the free energy model with restraints derived from experimental probing data.  Wu, Y; Shi, B; Ding, X; et al.
    27 August 2020Improved reference genome uncovers novel sex-linked regions in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)  Fraser, BA; Whiting, JR; Paris, JR; et al.