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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 November 2013Radically open-dialectical behavior therapy for adult anorexia nervosa: feasibility and outcomes from an inpatient program  Lynch, TR; Gray, KLH; Hempel, RJ; et al.
    11 August 2018Reaching consensus promotes the internalization of commitment to social change  Thomas, EF; McGarty, C; Stuart, A; et al.
    1 December 2017Recalling an unfair experience reduces adolescents’ dishonest behavioral intentions: The mediating role of justice sensitivity  Giovannelli, I; Pacilli, MG; Pagliaro, S; et al.
    26 December 2018Recognizing the Fundamental Right to be Fat: A Weight-Inclusive Approach to Size Acceptance and Healing From Sizeism  Calogero, RM; Tylka, TL; Mensinger, JL; et al.
    25 June 2021Reconciling associations between minority stress and sexual minority romantic relationship functioning  Doyle, DM; Molix, L
    15 May 2013Reduced specificity of personal goals and explanations for goal attainment in major depression.  Dickson, Joanne M.; Moberly, Nicholas J.
    13 May 2019Reducing Stress and Preventing Depression (RESPOND): Randomized Controlled Trial of Web-Based Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for High-Ruminating University Students  Cook, L; Mostazir, M; Watkins, E
    2002Reevaluation of patterns of mussel (Mytilus edulis) selection by European Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus)  Nagarajan, R; Lea, Stephen E.G.; Goss-Custard, J D
    31 January 2020Reflecting on rumination: Consequences, causes, mechanisms and treatment of rumination  Watkins, ER; Roberts, H
    19 September 2021Reflecting on the use of Google Docs for online interviews: Innovation in qualitative data collection  Opara, V; Spangsdorf, S; Ryan, MK
    29 October 2018Reflections on PPI from the 'Action on Living Well: Asking You' advisory network of people with dementia and carers as part of the IDEAL study.  Litherland, R; Burton, J; Cheeseman, M; et al.
    2007Reforming psychological therapies – a recipe for happiness?  Richards, David
    18 July 2019Refractory depression - mechanisms and efficacy of radically open dialectical behaviour therapy (RefraMED): findings of a randomised trial on benefits and harms  Lynch, TR; Hempel, RJ; Whalley, B; et al.
    17 July 2015Refractory depression: mechanisms and evaluation of radically open dialectical behaviour therapy (RO-DBT) [REFRAMED]: protocol for randomised trial.  Lynch, TR; Whalley, B; Hempel, RJ; et al.
    17 March 2015Regulatory focus moderates the social performance of individuals who conceal a stigmatized identity  Barreto, M
    7 March 2017Rehabilitation for people living with dementia: A practical framework of positive support.  Clare, L
    26 June 2020Relational Lockdown and Relational Trauma in the Time of Coronavirus: A Reflection from a UK Family Therapist  Rivett, M
    30 October 2018Relationship between childhood abuse and substance misuse problems is mediated by substance use coping motives, in school attending South African adolescents  Hogarth, L; Seedat, S; Martin, L
    30 September 2019Relationship between depressive symptoms and capability to live well in people with mild to moderate dementia and their carers: results from the Improving the experience of Dementia and Enhancing Active Life (IDEAL) programme  Wu, YT; Clare, L; Matthews, FE
    16 January 2021Relationship between self-perceptions of aging and ‘living well’ among people with mild-to-moderate dementia: Findings from the ideal programme  Sabatini, S; Ukoumunne, OC; Martyr, A; et al.