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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    30 October 2018PACAP Neurons in the Ventromedial Hypothalamic Nucleus Are Glucose Inhibited and Their Selective Activation Induces Hyperglycaemia  Khodai, T; Nunn, N; Worth, AA; et al.
    5 March 2020Patient-reported outcome measures in systemic sclerosis–related interstitial lung disease for clinical practice and clinical trials  Saketkoo, LA; Scholand, MB; Lammi, MR; et al.
    14 February 2020Patients' experiences of seeking help for emotional concerns in primary care: doctor as drug, detective and collaborator.  Parker, D; Byng, R; Dickens, C; et al.
    17 July 2019Pharmacist-led, video-stimulated feedback to reduce prescribing errors in doctors-in-training: a mixed methods evaluation  Parker, H; Farrell, O; Bethune, R; et al.
    2020Plantar Quad-Zone Analysis: A study of healthy feet  Wright, CJ; Collings, R; Morris, J; et al.
    22 August 2017Pneumococcal Vaccine Effectiveness and Its Interaction With Age: A UK Population Based Study in Older Adults  Streeter, AJ; Masoli, JAH; Ble, A; et al.
    21 October 2019Precision Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease  Walker, G
    3 June 2019Precision Medicine in Type 2 Diabetes  Dennis, J
    29 July 2019Projection radiography in obese populations: how can image quality be improved?  Alqahtani, SJM
    2010Prolonged unilateral disuse osteopenia 14 years post external fixator removal: a case history and critical review  Knapp, Karen M.; Rowlands, Ann V.; Welsman, Joanne; et al.
    13 October 2007Purification and characterization of a cold-adapted α-amylase produced by Nocardiopsis sp. 7326 isolated from Prydz Bay, Antarctic  Zhang, Jin-Wei; Zeng, Run-Ying