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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    14 September 2018Gaia 2.0 - Could humans add some level of self-awareness to Earth’s self-regulation?  Lenton, TM; Latour, B
    14 March 2018Gaian bottlenecks and planetary habitability maintained by evolving model biospheres: The ExoGaia model  Nicholson, AE; Wilkinson, DM; Williams, HTP; et al.
    28 June 2017Galleria mellonella as a host model to study Candida glabrata virulence and antifungal efficacy  Ames, L; Duxbury, S; Pawlowska, B; et al.
    29 September 2017Galleria mellonella as an infection model to investigate virulence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus  Wagley, S; Borne, R; Harrison, J; et al.
    6 February 2018Galleria mellonella larvae allow the discrimination of toxic and non-toxic chemicals  Allegra, E; Titball, RW; Carter, J; et al.
    15 July 2016Gamification of cognitive assessment and cognitive training: A systematic review of applications and efficacy  Lawrence, N; Edwards, E; Lumsden, J; et al.
    14 November 2016Gardening is beneficial for health: a meta-analysis  Soga, M; Gaston, KJ; Yamaura, Y
    1 January 2014Gaze sensitivity: function and mechanisms from sensory and cognitive perspectives  Davidson, GL; Butler, S; Fernández-Juricic, E; et al.
    1 December 2011Gaze training enhances laparoscopic technical skill acquisition and multi-tasking performance: a randomized, controlled study.  Wilson, Mark R.; Vine, Samuel J.; Bright, E; et al.
    8 February 2019Gaze training supports self-organization of movement coordination in children with developmental coordination disorder  Słowiński, P; Baldemir, H; Wood, G; et al.
    23 November 2016GB Energy Governance for Innovation, Sustainability and Affordability: An institutional framework  Mitchell, CHC; Lockwood, M; Hoggett, RD
    2018Gender and psychology  Morgenroth, T; Stuart, A
    30 November 2018Gender discrimination in the veterinary profession: A brief report of the BVA Employers’ Study 2018  Begeny, CT; Ryan, M
    27 July 2018Gender Trouble and Social Psychology: How can Butler’s work inform experimental social psychologists’ conceptualization of gender?  Morgenroth, T; Ryan, M
    26 March 2014Gene and protein expression in response to different growth temperatures and oxygen availability in Burkholderia thailandensis.  Peano, C; Chiaramonte, F; Motta, S; et al.
    21 July 2010Gene Duplication and Environmental Adaptation within Yeast Populations  Ames, RM; Rash, BM; Hentges, KE; et al.
    7 September 2016Gene expression clines reveal local adaptation and associated trade-offs at a continental scale  Porcelli, D; Westram, AM; Pascual, M; et al.
    27 February 2018Gene flow between divergent cereal- and grass-specific lineages of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae  Gladieux, P; Condon, B; Ravel, S; et al.
    5 July 2011Gene gain and loss during evolution of obligate parasitism in the white rust pathogen of Arabidopsis thaliana.  Kemen, E; Gardiner, A; Schultz-Larsen, T; et al.
    1 December 2003Gene ranking by bootstrapped P-values  Mukherjee, SN; Sykacek, P; Roberts, SJ; et al.