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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 February 2013NADPH oxidases regulate septin-mediated cytoskeletal remodeling during plant infection by the rice blast fungus  Ryder, LS; Dagdas, Yasin Fatih; Mentlak, TA; et al.
    2013Naïve Physics - the wrong theory?  McLaren, Ian P.L.; Wood, K; McLaren, RP
    8 December 2017NAR breakthrough article: Prespacer processing and specific integration in a type I-A CRISPR system  Rollie, C; Graham, S; Rouillon, C; et al.
    1 December 2015Narcissism and United States’ Culture: The View from Home and Around the World  Miller, JD; Maples, JL; Buffardi, L; et al.
    2005Narrating landscape: The potential of oral history for landscape archaeology  Riley, Mark; Harvey, David; Brown, Tony; et al.
    1 November 2000Narrating the Natural History Unit: institutional orderings and spatial strategies  Davies, Gail
    15 September 2018Narratives of recovery after floods: Mental health, institutions, and intervention.  Butler, C; Walker-Springett, K; Adger, WN
    6 April 2017Narrowing the Range of Future Climate Projections Using Historical Observations of Atmospheric CO2  Booth, BBB; Harris, GR; Murphy, JM; et al.
    22 October 2015Natal dispersal, mating patterns, and inbreeding in the ant formica exsecta  Vitikainen, Emma I.K.; Haag-Liautard, C; Sundström, L
    11 April 2016National Health Insurance database in Taiwan: a resource or obstacle for health research?  Wu, Y-T; Lee, H-Y
    1 October 2001National level promotion of physical activity: results from England's ACTIVE for LIFE campaign  Hillsdon, Melvyn; Cavill, N.; Nanchahal, K.; et al.
    1 July 2014Natural selection on individual variation in tolerance of gastrointestinal nematode infection  Hayward, AD; Nussey, DH; Wilson, AJ; et al.
    29 June 2015Natural vegetation benefits synergistic control of the three main insect and pathogen pests of fruit crop in southern Africa  Henri, Dominic C.; Jones, Owen; Tsiattalos, Ariana; et al.
    21 February 2018Natural vs anthropogenic streams in Europe: History, ecology and implications for restoration, river-rewilding and riverine ecosystem services  Brown, AG; Lespez, L; Sear, DA; et al.
    2 April 2018Nature, extent and ecological implications of night-time light from road vehicles  Gaston, KJ; Holt, L
    1 January 2008NCS-constrained exhaustive search using oligomeric models  Isupov, MN; Lebedev, Andrey A.
    23 July 2018Near-future CO2 levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish  Porteus, CS; Hubbard, PC; Uren Webster, TM; et al.
    19 July 2017Nearshore turbid-zone corals exhibit high bleaching tolerance on the Great Barrier Reef following the 2016 ocean warming event  Morgan, KM; Perry, CT; Johnson, J; et al.
    1 April 2011Necromass in forests of Madre de Dios, Peru: A comparison between terra firme and lowland forests  Araujo-Murakami, A; Parada, AG; Terán, JJ; et al.
    1 June 2010Negative affect and ruminative self-focus during everyday goal pursuit.  Moberly, Nicholas J.; Watkins, E.R