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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 February 2018UAVs and Machine Learning Revolutionising Invasive Grass and Vegetation Surveys in Remote Arid Lands  Sandino, J; Gonzalez, F; Mengersen, K; et al.
    28 June 2016UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report 2017 : Chapter 7, International Dimensions  Challinor, A; Adger, N; Di Mauro, M; et al.
    21 December 2020UK Waste Sector COVID-19 Response and Resilience Report  Souter, N; Balayannis, A; Jennings, P; et al.
    2 May 2019Ultimate opportunists - The emergent Enterocytozoon group Microsporidia  Stentiford, GD; Bass, D; Williams, BAP
    18 October 2019Ultra-brief breath counting (mindfulness) training promotes recovery from stress-induced alcohol-seeking in student drinkers  Hogarth, L; Shuai, R; Bakou, A; et al.
    6 June 2016Ultra-fine grain landscape-scale quantification of dryland vegetation structure with drone-acquired structure-from-motion photogrammetry  Cunliffe, A; Brazier, RE; Anderson, K
    2 April 2016UltraTrack: Software for semi-automated tracking of muscle fascicles in sequences of B-mode ultrasound images  Farris, DJ; Lichtwark, GA
    1 December 2007Uncertainty and the influence of group norms in the attitude–behaviour relationship  Smith, Joanne R.; Hogg, Michael A.; Martin, Robin; et al.
    24 August 2019Uncertainty in geomorphological responses to climate change  Harrison, S; Mighall, T; Stainforth, DA; et al.
    13 April 2017Uncertainty in ocean-color estimates of chlorophyll for phytoplankton groups  Brewin, RJW; Ciavatta, S; Sathyendranath, S; et al.
    24 November 2014Uncertainty in the magnitude of aerosol-cloud radiative forcing over recent decades  Regayre, LA; Pringle, KJ; Booth, BBB; et al.
    7 July 2015Unchanged content of oxidative enzymes in fast-twitch muscle fibers and V˙O2 kinetics after intensified training in trained cyclists.  Christensen, PM; Gunnarsson, TP; Thomassen, M; et al.
    15 August 2019Understanding agriculture within the frameworks of cumulative cultural evolution, gene-culture co-evolution, and cultural niche construction  Altman, A; Mesoudi, A
    14 March 2018Understanding and managing fish populations: keeping the toolbox fit for purpose  Paris, JR; Sherman, KD; Bell, E; et al.
    21 April 2022Understanding and supporting peer relationships in adolescents with acquired brain injury: A stakeholder engagement study  Ankrett, S; Smithson, J; Limond, J; et al.
    5 September 2017Understanding animal social structure: exponential random graph models in animal behaviour research  Silk, MJ; Fisher, DN
    11 March 2013Understanding bacteriophage specificity in natural microbial communities.  Koskella, Britt; Meaden, Sean
    12 November 2020Understanding Bipolar Disorder Within a Biopsychosocial Emotion Dysregulation Framework  Koenders, MA; Dodd, AL; Karl, A; et al.
    26 November 2019Understanding community acceptance of a potential offshore wind energy project in different locations: An island-based analysis of ‘place-technology fit’  Devine-Wright, P; Wiersma, B
    1 November 2016Understanding cumulative cultural evolution  Henrich, J; Boyd, R; Derex, M; et al.