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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 May 2018The effect of nitrogen implantation on resistive switching of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films  Nagareddy, VK; Ott, AK; Dou, C; et al.
    12 November 2018Humidity‐Controlled Ultralow Power Layer‐by‐Layer Thinning, Nanopatterning and Bandgap Engineering of MoTe2  Nagareddy, VK; Octon, TJ; Townsend, NJ; et al.
    8 December 2016Joule heating effects in nanoscale carbon-based memory devices  Bachmann, TA; Alexeev, AM; Koelmans, WW; et al.
    27 February 2017Multilevel ultrafast flexible nanoscale nonvolatile hybrid graphene oxide-titanium oxide memories  Nagareddy, VK; Barnes, MD; Zipoli, F; et al.
    9 July 2019A nonvolatile phase-change metamaterial color display  Carrillo, SGC; Trimby, L; Au, YY; et al.
    5 July 2018Phase-change metadevices for the dynamic and reconfigurable control of light  Wright, CD; Carrillo, SGC; de Galarreta, CR; et al.
    25 July 2016Photoconductivity of Few-Layer MoTe2  Octon, TJ; Nagareddy, VK; Craciun, MF; et al.
    2016A simple process for the fabrication of large-area CVD graphene based devices via selective in situ functionalization and patterning  Alexeev, A; Barnes, MD; Nagareddy, VK; et al.
    23 February 2017Temperature Evolution in Nanoscale Carbon-Based Memory Devices due to Local Joule Heating  Bachmann, T; Alexeev, A; Koelmans, W; et al.