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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
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    1 April 2012Fire-free land use in pre-1492 Amazonian savannas  Iriarte, José; Power, M.J.; Rostain, S.; et al.
    2002Flat, Flatter, Flattest - the English Heritage Wetland Surveys in Retrospect  Van de Noort, Robert
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    2004Fragmentation: the zonation method applied to fragmented human remains from archaeological and forensic contexts  Knüsel, Christopher J.; Outram, Alan K
    2015Frühmittelalterliche Funde aus dem Gebiet des Leitha-Flusses, Niederösterreich: Archäologische und archäometrische Untersuchungen (Early Medieval Finds from the Region of the River Leitha, Lower Austria: Archaeological and Archaeometric Investigations – in German, with a summary in English)  Herold, H
    2008Frühmittelalterliche Prunkkeramik aus Mikulčice, Mähren – archäometrische Analysen und ihre Interpretation (Early Medieval High Quality Ceramics from Mikulčice, Moravia: Archaeometric Analysis and its interpretation)  Herold, Hajnalka