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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 May 201650 Years of JBE: From science and environmental education to civic science  Dillon, J
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    23 April 2014An action research study designed to implement student negotiation to improve speaking classroom practice in Turkey  Uztosun, MS; Skinner, N; Cadorath, J
    1 June 2017Addressing Dilemmas and Tensions in Inclusive Education  Norwich, B; Koutsouris, G
    10 May 2021Adolescents challenging discrimination: The benefits of a perspective-taking and action-planning intervention on self-efficacy  Wallrich, L; Palmer, SB; Rutland, A
    3 August 2021The aesthetic, artistic and creative contributions of dance for health and wellbeing across the lifecourse: a systematic review  Chappell, K; Redding, E; Crickmay, U; et al.
    2 December 2021Aesthoecology and Its Implications for Art and Design Education: Examining the Foundations  Hall, E; Turner, C
    3 June 2017Aetiological Pathways to Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms in Early Adolescence: Childhood Dysregulated Behaviour, Maladaptive Parenting and Bully Victimisation  Winsper, C; Hall, J; Strauss, V; et al.
    5 March 2021Agonism in education: a systematic scoping review and discussion of its educational potential  Koutsouris, G; Stentiford, L; Benham-Clarke, S; et al.
    1 September 2020‘Ah, now I see!’ Why the metaphors we use for ‘understanding’ in RE matter  Walshe, K
    30 January 2015'All in favour, say aye!' Voting in pupils' collaborative talk.  Newman, RMC
    11 January 2019An analysis of social class differentials in parent-initiated contact with teachers  Barg, K
    2007An analysis of the efficacy of a motor skills training programme for young people with Moderate Learning Difficulties  Boyle, CM
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