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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 June 2009Accommodating the newfound strategic importance of educational technologists within higher education: a critical literature review  Shurville, Simon; Browne, Tom; Whitaker, Marian
    1 February 2007Canute rules the waves?: Hope for e-library tools facing the challenge of the "Google generation"  Myhill, Martin
    8 December 2010The challenges of OER to Academic Practice  Browne, Tom; Holding, Richard; Howell, Anna; et al.
    23 August 2013Championing the library: involving students in development, advocacy and stock selection  Gale, Caroline
    5 July 2016Champions and e-books: using student Library Champions to inform e-book purchasing strategies  Gale, CA
    2007Editorial: Educating minds for the knowledge economy  Browne, Tom; Shurville, Simon
    1 March 2004European Documentation Centres – the arrival of the electronic library  Overy, Patrick
    1 December 2008European Union: a guide to tracing working documents  Overy, Patrick
    1 April 2005Google Scholar - a review  Myhill, Martin
    2006Initiating e-learning by stealth, participation and consultation in a late majority institution  Luckin, Rose; Shurville, Simon; Browne, Tom
    10 February 2017Lecture Capture – can it help ‘hard to reach’ students?  Newcombe, MJ
    21 March 2017Life Out of Death—Violent FX and Its Vivacious Power  Johnson, PS
    1 August 2006A Longitudinal Perspective Regarding the Use of VLEs by Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom  Browne, Tom; Jenkins, Martin; Walker, Richard
    1 February 2005A MAP for the library portal: through the labyrinth of online information sources  Myhill, Martin
    9 November 2018Muck and Magic: A Resilience Lens on Organic Conversions as Transformation  James, T; Brown, K
    26 April 2023The Richmonds, Palestine and the Catholic Press, 1967-80  Downs, J
    1 January 2007Serving them right? How libraries can enhance the learning experience of international students: a case study from the University of Exeter  Gale, Caroline
    1 June 2004Snakes and ladders: towards a post-maturity evaluation index of integrated library system ownership  Myhill, Martin
    1 December 2014Travelling to succeed: introducing a library travel bursary scheme  Gale, Caroline; Snook, Lee
    1 October 2014University of Exeter research data management and open access training for staff  Cole, Gareth; Evans, Jill