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  • Diversity and the maintenance of sex by parasites 

    Ashby, Ben; King, KC (Wiley, 2015-02-10)
    The Red Queen hypothesis (RQH) predicts that parasite-mediated selection will maintain sexual individuals in the face of competition from asexual lineages. The prediction is that sexual individuals will be difficult targets ...
  • Dividend valuation, trading and transactions costs: the 1997 partial abolition of dividend tax credit repayments 

    Holland, Kevin; Hodgkinson, Lynn; Jackson, Richard H.G. (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), 2006)
    Although UK resident tax-exempt shareholders lost the right to repayment of tax credits oil dividends paid by UK resident companies in July 1997, they could continue to receive tax credit repayments in respect of dividend, ...
  • Dividing the indivisible: procedures for allocating cabinet ministries to political parties in a parliamentary system 

    Brams, Steven J.; Kaplan, Todd R. (Sage, 2004)
    Political parties in Northern Ireland recently used a divisor method of apportionment to choose, in sequence, ten cabinet ministries. If the parties have complete information about each other’s preferences, we show that ...
  • Divine Glory in a Darwinian World 

    Southgate, Christopher (Wiley, 2014-11-18)
    Faced with the ambiguities of this world, in which ugliness and suffering co-exist with beauty, the article rejects the attribution of disvalues to a fall-event. Instead it faces God’s involvement even in violence and ...
  • Divine Horsemen and People Inbetween: A Study of the Spaces Between Magical Time and Mechanical Motion 

    Clementi-Smith, Jonathan (University of ExeterHumanitiesFilm, 2011-04-15)
    This PhD “Film by Practice” sets out to question and explore the nature of film poetry. The poetry of the cinematic image is described by the filmmaker Jean Epstein as the “unveiling of the magic inherent in the visual ...
  • divine lady 

    The Leisure Library Ltd; Barrington (2009-11-10)
  • divine lady 

    The Leisure Library Ltd; Barrington (2009-11-10)
  • Divorcee 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd (2009-11-10)
  • Divorcee 

    Readers Library Publishing Co. Ltd (2009-11-10)
  • DMAC Fatigued Shackle 

    Vickers, Andrew; Gordelier, Tessa (University of Exeter, 2013-06-04)
    Results, photos and video footage of shackle tests at DMaC. Shackle trials conducted to determine shackle behaviour of a 2.5t rated shackle for research into mooring line reliability. Break tests and fatigue tests ...
  • A DNA element recognised by the molybdenum-responsive transcription factor ModE is conserved in Proteobacteria, green sulphur bacteria and Archaea. 

    Studholme, DJ; Pau, RN (BioMed Central, 2003-12-02)
    BACKGROUND: The transition metal molybdenum is essential for life. Escherichia coli imports this metal into the cell in the form of molybdate ions, which are taken up via an ABC transport system. In E. coli and other ...
  • DNA evidence for global dispersal and probable endemicity of protozoa 

    Bass, David; Richards, Thomas A; Matthai, Lena; Marsh, Victoria; Cavalier-Smith, Thomas (BioMed Central, 2007-09-13)
    Background It is much debated whether microbes are easily dispersed globally or whether they, like many macro-organisms, have historical biogeographies. The ubiquitous dispersal hypothesis states that microbes are so ...
  • DNA methylation of lipid-related genes affects blood lipid levels. 

    Pfeiffer, L; Wahl, S; Pilling, LC; Reischl, E; Sandling, JK; Kunze, S; Holdt, LM; Kretschmer, A; Schramm, K; Adamski, J; Klopp, N; Illig, T; Hedman, ÅK; Roden, M; Hernandez, DG; Singleton, AB; Thasler, WE; Grallert, H; Gieger, C; Herder, C; Teupser, D; Meisinger, C; Spector, TD; Kronenberg, F; Prokisch, H; Melzer, D; Peters, A; Deloukas, P; Ferrucci, L; Waldenberger, M (American Heart Association, 2015-04)
    BACKGROUND: Epigenetic mechanisms might be involved in the regulation of interindividual lipid level variability and thus may contribute to the cardiovascular risk profile. The aim of this study was to investigate the ...
  • DNA mismatch repair gene MSH6 implicated in determining age at natural menopause 

    Perry, John R.B.; Hsu, YH; Chasman, DI; Johnson, AD; Elks, C; Albrecht, E; Andrulis, IL; Beesley, Jonathan; Berenson, GS; Bergmann, S; Bojesen, SE; Bolla, MK; Brown, J; Buring, JE; Campbell, H; Chang-Claude, J; Chenevix-Trench, G; Corre, T; Couch, FJ; Cox, A; Czene, K; D'adamo, AP; Davies, G.; Deary, IJ; Dennis, J; Easton, DF; Engelhardt, EG; Eriksson, Johan G.; Esko, T; Fasching, PA; Figueroa, JD; Flyger, H; Fraser, A; Garcia-Closas, M; Gasparini, P; Gieger, C; Giles, G; Guenel, P; Hägg, S; Hall, P; Hayward, C; Hopper, J; Ingelsson, E; kConFab investigators; Kardia, SL; Kasiman, K; Knight, JA; Lahti, J; Lawlor, DA; Magnusson, PK; Margolin, S; Marsh, JA; Metspalu, A; Olson, JE; Pennell, CE; Polasek, O; Rahman, I; Ridker, PM; Robino, A; Rudan, I; Rudolph, A; Salumets, A; Schmidt, MK; Schoemaker, MJ; Smith, EN; Smith, JA; Southey, M; Stöckl, D; Swerdlow, AJ; Thompson, DJ; Truong, T; Ulivi, S; Waldenberger, M; Wang, Q; Wild, S; Wilson, JF; Wright, AF; Zgaga, L; ReproGen Consortium; Ong, KK; Murabito, JM; Karasik, D; Murray, A (Oxford University Press, 2014-05-01)
    The length of female reproductive lifespan is associated with multiple adverse outcomes, including breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and infertility. The biological processes that govern the timing of the beginning and ...
  • DNA vaccines: improving expression of antigens 

    Garmory, Helen S.; Brown, Katherine A.; Titball, Richard W. (BioMed Central, 2003)
    DNA vaccination is a relatively recent development in vaccine methodology. It is now possible to undertake a rational step-by-step approach to DNA vaccine design. Strategies may include the incorporation of immunostimulatory ...
  • Do as we say and as we do: The interplay of descriptive and injunctive group norms in the attitude-behaviour relationship 

    Smith, Joanne, R.; Louis, Winnifred, R. (British Psychological Society, 2008-12)
    Past research on the social identity approach to attitude-behaviour relations has operationalized group norms as a mixture of both descriptive information (i.e. what most people do themselves) and injunctive information ...
  • Do cross border and domestic acquisitions differ? Evidence from the acquisition of UK targets 

    Gregory, Alan; O'Donohoe, Sheila (Elsevier, 2014-01)
    We investigate the determinants of short term wealth effects for both public acquiring and target shareholders following the announcement of UK acquisitions over the period 1990-2005. Regardless of their nationality, overall ...
  • Do early father-infant interactions predict the onset of externalising behaviours in young children? Findings from a longitudinal cohort study. 

    Ramchandani, PG; Domoney, J; Sethna, V; Psychogiou, L; Vlachos, H; Murray, L (Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH), 2013-01)
    Factors related to parents and parenting capacities are important predictors of the development of behavioural problems in children. Recently, there has been an increasing research focus in this field on the earliest years ...
  • Do Online Voting Patterns Reflect Evolved Features of Human Cognition? An Exploratory Empirical Investigation. 

    Priestley, M; Mesoudi, A (Public Library of Science, 2015-06)
    Online votes or ratings can assist internet users in evaluating the credibility and appeal of the information which they encounter. For example, aggregator websites such as Reddit allow users to up-vote submitted content ...