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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2003Medium magnetizations for longitudinal high-density digital recordings  Middleton, Barry K.; Aziz, Mustafa M.; Speliotis, D. E.
    13 December 2017Memristive Effects in Oxygenated Amorphous Carbon Nanodevices  Bachmann, T; Koelmans, WW; Jonnalagadda, P; et al.
    1 February 2008Mesoporous MCM-48 aluminosilica oxynitrides: Synthesis and characterization of bifunctional solid acid-base materials  Xia, Yongde; Mokaya, R
    25 July 2015Metabolism-modelling approaches to long-term sustainability assessment of urban water services  Venkatesh, G.; Brattebø, H.; Sagrov, S.; et al.
    11 October 2016Metal-organic-framework-derived bi-metallic sulfide on N, S-codoped porous carbon nanocomposites as multifunctional electrocatalysts  Chen, B; Ma, G; Zhu, Y; et al.
    13 July 2017Metal-organic-frameworks derived cobalt embedded in various carbon structures as bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions  Chen, B; Ma, M; Zhu, Y; et al.
    6 December 2017Metamaterial-based graphene thermal emitter  Shi, C; Mahlmeister, N; Luxmoore, I; et al.
    1 February 2017Metamodel assisted design optimization of piezoelectric flex transducer for maximal bio-kinetic energy conversion  Luo, Liheng; Liu, Dianzi; Zhu, M; et al.
    18 January 2018Methodological Framework for Analysing Cascading Effects from Flood Events: The Case of Sukhumvit Area, Bangkok, Thailand  Hilly, G; Vojinovic, Z; Weesakul, S; et al.
    22 September 2014Methodologies for predicting natural frequency variation of a suspension bridge  Laory, I; Trinh, TN; Smith, Ian F.C,; et al.
    27 October 2018Methods for evaluating particle coalescence and their implications in laser sintering  Benedetti, L; Brule, B; Decraemer, N; et al.
    1 February 2016Methods for preserving duration-intensity correlation on synthetically generated water-demand pulses  Creaco, Enrico; Alvisi, Stefano; Farmani, Raziyeh; et al.
    2015Microwatt power consumption maximum power point tracking circuit using an analogue differentiator for piezoelectric energy harvesting  Chew, Zheng Jun; Zhu, Meiling
    2013Mixed-Mode Electro Optical Properties of Ge2Sb2Te5  Rodriguez-Hernandez, G; Hosseini, Peiman; Au, YY; et al.
    5 June 2017Mixed-Mode Electro-Optical Operation of Ge2Sb2Te5 Nanoscale Crossbar Devices  Rodriguez-Hernandez, G; Hosseini, P; Ríos, C; et al.
    1 July 2016Mixed-model parallel two-sided assembly line balancing problem: A flexible agent-based ant colony optimization approach  Kucukkoc, I; Zhang, DZ
    2016Modal mass estimation for vibration serviceability assessment of footbridges  Brownjohn, James
    10 September 2017Modal testing of offshore rock lighthouses around the British Isles  Brownjohn, JMW; Raby, A; Bassitt, J; et al.
    2007Modal testing of Tamar suspension bridge  Brownjohn, James; Pavic, Aleksandar; Carden, E.P.; et al.
    2014Model calibration as a tool for leakage identification in WDS: A real case study  Costanzo, F.; Fiorini Morosini, A.; Veltri, P.; et al.