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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 February 2017Determination of Depth in Transmission Raman Spectroscopy in Turbid Media Using a Beam Enhancing Element  Vardaki, MZ; Sheridan, H; Stone, N; et al.
    8 October 2019Determination of inclusion depth in ex vivo animal tissues using surface enhanced deep Raman spectroscopy  Mosca, S; Dey, P; Tabish, T; et al.
    1 May 2002Determination of limits on disc masses around six pulsars at 15 and 90 mum  Koch-Miramond, L; Haas, M; Pantin, E; et al.
    2007Determination of the director profile in a nematic cell from guided wave data: an inverse problem  Cornford, Stephen Leslie; Taphouse, T. S.; Newton, C. J. P.; et al.
    2002Determination of the Thickness of Al2O3 Barriers in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions  Buchanan, J.D.R.; Hase, T.P.A.; Tanner, B.K.; et al.
    2008Determining atmospheric conditions at the terminator of the hot Jupiter HD 209458b  Sing, David K.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; et al.
    18 April 2019Determining the recurrence timescale of long-lasting YSO outbursts  Contreras Peña, C; Naylor, T; Morrell, S
    2008Determining the terahertz optical properties of subwavelength films using semiconductor surface plasmons  Isaac, Thomas Henry; Barnes, William L.; Hendry, Euan
    9 March 2016Developing fibre optic Raman probes for applications in clinical spectroscopy  Stevens, O; Iping Petterson, IE; Day, JCC; et al.
    2009Developing optical efficiency through optimized coating structure: biomimetic inspiration from white beetles  Hallam, B. T.; Hiorns, Anthony G.; Vukusic, Peter
    12 July 2017Developing Raman Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Tool for Label-free Antigen Detection.  Lewis, AT; Gaifulina, R; Guppy, NJ; et al.
    14 July 2020Diagnostic prospects and preclinical development of optical technologies using gold nanostructure contrast agents to boost endogenous tissue contrast  Dey, P; Blakey, I; Stone, N
    10 May 2018Differences in the gas and dust distribution in the transitional disk of a sun-like young star, PDS 70  Long, ZC; Akiyama, E; Sitko, M; et al.
    2004Differential ellipsometric surface plasmon resonance sensors with liquid crystal polarization modulators  Hooper, Ian R.; Sambles, J. Roy
    7 March 2019Diffraction by a truncated planar array of dipoles: a Wiener-Hopf approach  Camacho Aguilar, M; Hibbins, A; Capolino, F; et al.
    27 October 2010Diffractive arrays of gold nanoparticles near an interface: Critical role of the substrate  Auguié, B; Bendaña, XM; Barnes, WL; et al.
    2009Diffractive coupling in gold nanoparticle arrays and the effect of disorder  Auguié, Baptiste; Barnes, William L.
    12 February 2015Dirac plasmons in bipartite lattices of metallic nanoparticles  Sturges, TJ; Woollacott, Claire; Weick, Guillaume; et al.
    2013Dirac-like plasmons in honeycomb lattices of metallic nanoparticles  Weick, Guillaume; Woollacott, Claire; Barnes, William L.; et al.
    19 February 2021Direct characterization of young giant exoplanets at high spectral resolution by coupling SPHERE and CRIRES+  Otten, GPPL; Vigan, A; Muslimov, E; et al.