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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2018La relazione di coscienza e oggetto nell’Introduzione alla Fenomenologia dello spirito di Hegel  Stella, A; Ianulardo, G
    20 March 2019Labor Supply and Gender Differences in Occupational Choice  Keller, E
    30 September 2019Large changes in Great Britain’s vegetation and agricultural land-use predicted under unmitigated climate change  Ritchie, P; Harper, A; Smith, G; et al.
    2011Learning about the arrival of sales  Mason, Robin; Valimaki, Juuso
    1 December 2016Learning through simultaneous play: evidence from penny auctions  Gonçalves, R; Fonseca, MA
    1 September 2014Learning to export from neighbors  Fernandes, Ana P.; Tang, Heiwai
    1 August 2010Learning unethical practices from a co-worker: the peer effect of Jose Canseco  Gould, Eric; Kaplan, Todd R.
    23 July 2020Linking Land and Sea Through an Ecological-Economic Model of Coral Reef Recreation  Oleson, KLL; Bagstad, KJ; Fezzi, C; et al.
    28 February 2019Listen to the market, hear the best policy decision, but don't always choose it  Reinstein, D; Song, J
    20 February 2014Listen to the market, hear the best policy decision, but don’t always choose it  Reinstein, D; Song, JS
    2002Long memory and nonlinear time series  Davidson, James; Teräsvirta, Timo
    15 March 2019Losing Face  Gall, T; Reinstein, D
    15 November 2015Losing Face (Working Paper)  Reinstein, D; Gall, T