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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 August 2017Fused Deposition Modelling of high temperature polymers: Exploring CNT PEEK composites  Berretta, S; Davies, R; Wang, Y; et al.
    16 March 2014Future potential evapotranspiration changes and contribution analysis in Zhejiang Province, East China  Xu, Yue-Ping; Pan, Suli; Fu, Guangtao; et al.
    1 July 2008Fuzzy clustering of stability diagrams for vibration-based structural health monitoring  Carden, E.P.; Brownjohn, James
    2015Fuzzy Distributed Cooperative Tracking For A Swarm Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles With Heterogeneous Goals  Kladis, Georgios P.; Prathyush, P. Menon; Edwards, Christopher
    19 October 2015Fuzzy Logic Controller Scheme for Floor Vibration Control  Nyawako, Donald S.; Reynolds, Paul; Leal Pimentel, R; et al.
    11 March 2017GALAXY: A new hybrid MOEA for the Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems  Wang, Q; Savic, D; Kapelan, Z
    2013Gas loading of graphene-quartz surface acoustic wave devices  Whitehead, E.F.; Chick, E.M.; Bandhu, Lokeshwar; et al.
    24 August 2015General correlations among geometry, orientation and thermal performance of natural convective micro-finned heat sinks  Micheli, Leonardo; Reddy, K.S.; Mallick, Tapas K.
    6 July 2018A generalised equivalent storm model for long-term statistics of ocean waves  Mackay, E; Johanning, L
    29 May 2015Generating near-extreme Summer Reference Years (SRY) for building performance simulation  Jentsch, Mark F.; Eames, Matthew E.; Levermore, Geoff J.
    19 April 2018A generic approach for the development of short-term predictions of E. coli and biotoxins in shellfish  Schmidt, W; Evers-King, H; Campos, C; et al.
    19 September 2017A generic method to synthesise graphitic carbon coated nanoparticles in large scale and their derivative polymer nanocomposites  Wang, N; Yang, Z; Xu, F; et al.
    1 October 2011A genetic algorithm for design of moment-resisting steel frames  Kripakaran, Prakash; Hall, Brian; Gupta, Abhinav
    17 August 2014Genetic programming for cellular automata urban inundation modelling  Gibson, M; Keedwell, EC; Savic, D
    25 February 2016Geomorphological control on boulder transport and coastal erosion before, during and after an extreme extra-tropical cyclone  Naylor, LA; Stephenson, WJ; Smith, HCM; et al.
    15 October 2015Glass bead filled Polyetherketone (PEK) composite by High Temperature Laser Sintering (HT-LS)  Wang, Yuan; James, Edward; Ghita, O.
    20 May 2015A global analysis approach for investigating structural resilience in urban drainage systems  Mugume, Seith; Gomez, Diego E.; Butler, David
    4 October 2016Global resilience analysis of water distribution systems  Diao, K; Sweetapple, C; Farmani, R; et al.
    2019Going around in circles? Conceptual recycling, patching and policy layering in the EU Circular Economy Package  Fitch-Roy, O; Benson, D; Monciardini, D
    7 September 2017Graded magnonic index and spin wave fano resonances in magnetic structures: Excite, direct, capture  Kruglyak, VV; Davies, CS; Au, Y; et al.