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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 1997Innovative instrumentation to study the behaviour of a high-rise building  Pan, Tso-Chien; Brownjohn, James
    16 February 2018Innovative network pricing to support the transition to a smart grid in a low-carbon economy  Faerber, L; Balta-Ozkan, N; Connor, PM
    8 August 2018Integral sliding mode fault tolerant control allocation for a class of affine nonlinear system  Chen, L; Edwards, C; Alwi, H
    21 September 2015Integrated all-photonic non-volatile multi-level memory  Rios, Carlos; Stegmaier, Matthias; Hosseini, Peiman; et al.
    3 October 2016An integrated and multi-purpose microscope for the characterization of atomically thin optoelectronic devices  Russo, S; De Sanctis, A; Jones, GF; et al.
    20 June 2017An integrated data management approach for offshore wind turbine failure root cause analysis  Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos, A; Dawood, T; Thies, PR
    1 January 2012Integrated Decision Support Framework  Morley, Mark S.; Kapelan, Zoran; Savic, Dragan
    11 June 2015An Integrated Environmental Assessment of Green and Gray Infrastructure Strategies for Robust Decision Making  Casal-Campos, Arturo; Fu, Guangtao; Butler, David; et al.
    4 June 2018An integrated framework for high-resolution urban flood modelling considering multiple information sources and urban features  Wang, Y; Chen, A; Fu, G; et al.
    11 April 2018Integrated intelligent water-energy metering systems and informatics: Visioning a digital multi-utility service provider  Stewart, RA; Nguyen, K; Beal, C; et al.
    10 August 2015Integrated mode-locked lasers in a CMOS-compatible silicon photonic platform  Sorace-Agaskar, C; Callahan, PT; Shtyrkova, K; et al.
    12 April 2016An integrated model of production and inventory cycles of new and reusable bottling packages in a closed supply chain  Jonrinaldi, J; Rahman, T; Zhang, Z
    7 April 2017An integrated model to evaluate water-energy-food nexus at a household scale  Hussien, WA; Memon, FA; Savic, DA
    7 June 2018Integrated modelling for economic valuation of the role of forests and woodlands in drinking water provision to two African cities  Ashagre, Biniam B.; Platts, Philip J.; Njana, Marco; et al.
    11 May 2018An Integrated Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach to Location Planning of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations  Liu, H-C; Yang, M; Zhou, M; et al.
    1 January 2014Integrated optimal cost and pressure management for water distribution systems  Tricarico, Carla; Morley, Mark S.; Gargano, R.; et al.
    4 September 2016Integrated phase-change photonics for all-optical processing  Stegmaier, M; Fledmann, J; Rios, C; et al.
    1 March 2017An integrated production, inventory and transportation decision in a whole green manufacturing supply chain  Zhang, Z; Jonrinaldi, J
    1 December 2016An integrated system dynamics - Cellular automata model for distributed water-infrastructure planning  Rozos, E; Butler, D; Makropoulos, C
    10 June 2015Integrating ant colony and genetic algorithms in the balancing and scheduling of complex assembly lines  Kucukkoc, Ibrahim; Zhang, David Z.