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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2010Quasi-periodic pulsations in the gamma-ray emission of a solar flare  Nakariakov, V.M.; Foullon, Claire; Myagkova, I.N.; et al.
    7 July 2016Quasisolitons in self-diffusive excitable systems, or Why asymmetric diffusivity obeys the Second Law  Biktashev, VN; Tsyganov, MA
    1 July 2014Questions of minimality in RLC circuit synthesis  Hughes, TH; Smith, MC
    1 November 2010Queueing induced by bidirectional motor motion near the end of a microtubule  Ashwin, Peter; Lin, Congping; Steinberg, Gero
    20 February 2005Quiescent and Coherent Cores from Gravoturbulent Fragmentation  Klessen, RS; Ballesteros‐Paredes, J; Vazquez‐Semadeni, E; et al.
    17 November 2017Quiescent Prominence Dynamics Observed with the Hinode Solar Optical Telescope. II. Prominence Bubble Boundary Layer Characteristics and the Onset of a Coupled Kelvin–Helmholtz Rayleigh–Taylor Instability  Berger, T; Hillier, AS; Lui, W