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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    12 August 2019n-dimensional Quadrature  Wingate, BA
    20 January 2020Natural drivers of multidecadal Arctic sea ice variability over the last millennium  Halloran, PR; Hall, IR; Menary, M; et al.
    1 October 2013Natural, persistent oscillations in a spatial multi-strain disease system with application to dengue.  Lourenço, José; Recker, Mario
    25 January 2017Near-field emission profiling of Rainforest and Cerrado fires in Brazil during SAMBBA 2012  Hodgson, AK; Morgan, WT; O'Shea, S; et al.
    24 April 2018Near-field emission profiling of tropical forest and Cerrado fires in Brazil during SAMBBA 2012  Hodgson, AK; Morgan, WT; O'Shea, S; et al.
    21 May 2019Negative extreme events in gross primary productivity and their drivers in China during the past three decades  Chen, W; Zhu, D; Huang, C; et al.
    20 December 2013Nested sampling for Bayesian model comparison in the context of Salmonella disease dynamics.  Dybowski, R; McKinley, Trevelyan J.; Mastroeni, P; et al.
    30 July 2013Nested sampling for parameter inference in systems biology: application to an exemplar circadian model.  Aitken, S; Akman, OE
    1 May 2015Network analysis reveals open forums and echo chambers in social media discussions of climate change  Williams, Hywel T.P.; McMurray, James R.; Kurz, Tim; et al.
    1 August 2015Network distance prediction for enabling service-oriented applications over large-scale networks  Huang, H; Yin, H; Min, Geyong; et al.
    27 June 2019Network substrates of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's Disease  Tait, L; Stothart, G; Coulthard, E; et al.
    24 October 2017Neural field model to reconcile structure with function in primary visual cortex  Rankin, J; Chavane, F
    14 January 2020Neurologically motivated coupling functions in models of motor coordination  Slowinski, P; Al-Ramadhani, S; Tsaneva, K
    21 December 2017Neuronal network model of interictal and recurrent ictal activity  Lopes, MA; Lee, KE; Goltsev, AV
    17 September 2020Neuronal oscillations on evolving networks: dynamics, damage, degradation, decline, dementia, and death  Goriely, A; Kuhl, E; Bick, C
    2008Neutral modes of a two-dimensional vortex and their link to persistent cat's eyes  Turner, M. R.; Gilbert, Andrew D.; Bassom, Andrew P.
    29 September 2015New perspectives on the collective risk of extratropical cyclones  Hunter, Alasdair; Stephenson, David B.; Economou, Theodoros; et al.
    1 November 2010New trajectory-driven aerosol and chemical process model Chemical and Aerosol Lagrangian Model (CALM)  Tunved, P; Partridge, DG; Korhonen, H
    21 February 2013Nilpotent and abelian Hopf-Galois structures on field extensions  Byott, NP
    30 January 2013Nitrate dry deposition in Svalbard  Björkman, M; Kühnel, R; Partridge, D; et al.