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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 August 2016C4MIP-The Coupled Climate-Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project: Experimental protocol for CMIP6  Jones, CD; Arora, V; Friedlingstein, P; et al.
    2015Calcium-Induced Calcium Release during Action Potential Firing in Developing Inner Hair Cells  Iosub, Radu; Avitabile, Daniele; Grant, Lisa; et al.
    1 April 2010Can Climate Models Capture the Structure of Extratropical Cyclones?  Catto, JL; Shaffrey, LC; Hodges, KI
    13 October 2015Can climate models represent the precipitation associated with extratropical cyclones?  Hawcroft, MK; Shaffrey, LC; Hodges, KI; et al.
    17 January 2013Can correcting feature location in simulated mean climate improve agreement on projected changes?  Levy, AAL; Ingram, W; Jenkinson, M; et al.
    25 April 2018Can reducing black carbon and methane below RCP2.6 levels keep global warming below 1.5C?  Jones, A; Haywood, JM; Jones, C
    9 July 2018Carbon budgets for 1.5 and 2 °C targets lowered by natural wetland and permafrost feedbacks  Comyn-Platt, E; Hayman, G; Huntingford, C; et al.
    22 May 2015Carbon cycle. The dominant role of semi-arid ecosystems in the trend and variability of the land CO₂ sink  Ahlström, A; Raupach, MR; Schurgers, G; et al.
    4 December 2019Carbon dioxide emissions continue to grow amidst slowly emerging climate policies  Peters, GP; Andrew, RM; Canadell, JG; et al.
    13 February 2019Cardiopulmonary responses to maximal aerobic exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis (article)  Williams, CA; Wedgwood, KCA; Mohammadi, H; et al.
    2013Caution needed when linking weather extremes to amplified planetary waves  Screen, James A.; Simmonds, Ian
    29 January 2018Challenges and opportunities for improved understanding of regional climate dynamics  Collins, M; Minobe, S; Barreiro, M; et al.
    24 May 2016Challenges in constraining anthropogenic aerosol effects on cloud radiative forcing using present-day spatiotemporal variability  Ghan, S; Wang, M; Zhang, S; et al.
    5 November 2017Challenges in dengue research: A computational perspective  Lourenҫo, J; Tennant, W; Faria, NR; et al.
    2 April 2018Changes in climate extremes, fresh water availability and vulnerability to food insecurity projected at 1.5°C and 2°C global warming with a higher-resolution global climate model  Betts, RA; Alfieri, L; Bradshaw, C; et al.
    4 July 2016Chaos in generically coupled phase oscillator networks with nonpairwise interactions  Bick, C; Ashwin, P; Rodrigues, A
    18 July 2018Chaos in Kuramoto Oscillator Networks  Bick, C; Panaggio, MJ; Martens, EA
    2011Chaos in symmetric phase oscillator networks  Bick, Christian; Timme, Marc; Paulikat, Danilo; et al.
    8 May 2018Chaotic and non-chaotic response to quasiperiodic forcing: limits to predictability of ice ages paced by Milankovitch forcing  Ashwin, PB; Camp, CD; von der Heydt, AS
    4 July 2012Chaotic multi-objective optimization based design of fractional order PIλDμ controller in AVR system  Pan, I; Das, S