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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 February 2014L2 optimal decentralised static output feedback stabilisation of a network of dynamical systems  Prathyush, P. Menon; Edwards, Christopher; Postlethwaite, I
    26 February 2014Lag, lock, sync, slip: the many 'phases' of coupled flagella  Wan, KY; Leptos, KC; Goldstein, RE
    2008Lagrange inversion and Stirling number convolutions  Chapman, Robin
    23 January 2017Lagrangian particle path formulation of multilayer shallow-water flows dynamically coupled to vessel motion  Turner, MR; Bridges, TJ; Alemi Ardakani, H
    2015Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change: Policy Responses to Protect Public Health  Watts, Nick; Adger, W. Neil; Agnolucci, Paolo; et al.
    20 March 2018Land use change and El Niño-Southern Oscillation drive decadal carbon balance shifts in Southeast Asia  Kondo, M; Ichii, K; Patra, PK; et al.
    8 March 2017Land-ocean shifts in tropical precipitation linked to surface temperature and humidity change  Lambert, FH; Ferraro, AJ; Chadwick, R
    25 August 2016Land-surface parameter optimisation using data assimilation techniques: The adJULES system V1.0  Raoult, NM; Jupp, TE; Cox, PM; et al.
    14 November 2017Land-use and land-cover change carbon emissions between 1901 and 2012 constrained by biomass observations  Li, W; Ciais, P; Peng, S; et al.
    7 August 2018Land-use emissions play a critical role in land-based mitigation for Paris climate targets.  Harper, AB; Powell, T; Cox, PM; et al.
    14 June 2018Large-Scale Droughts Responsible for Dramatic Reductions of Terrestrial Net Carbon Uptake Over North America in 2011 and 2012  He, W; Ju, W; Schwalm, CR; et al.
    2011Leakage of long-period oscillations from the chromosphere to the corona  Yuan, D.; Nakariakov, V.M.; Chorley, N.; et al.
    2009Learning of spatio–temporal codes in a coupled oscillator system  Orosz, Gábor; Ashwin, Peter; Townley, Stuart
    1 July 2014Light and circadian regulation of clock components aids flexible responses to environmental signals  Dixon, Laura E.; Hodge, Sarah K.; van Ooijen, Gerben; et al.
    2009Limit formulas for non-modular Eisenstein series  Chapman, Robin
    2007Linear and nonlinear decay of cat's eyes in two-dimensional vortices, and the link to Landau poles  Turner, M. R.; Gilbert, Andrew D.
    2008Linear and nonlinear instabilities in rotating cylindrical Rayleigh-Bénard convection  Li, Ligang; Liao, X.; Chan, K.H.; et al.
    4 May 2016Linear response for intermittent maps with summable and nonsummable decay of correlations  Korepanov, A
    16 September 2014Links between satellite-retrieved aerosol and precipitation  Gryspeerdt, E; Stier, P; Partridge, DG
    14 December 2015Links between tropical Pacific seasonal, interannual and orbital variability during the Holocene  Emile-Geay, J; Cobb, K.M.; Carré, M.; et al.