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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 August 2022Machine-learning reveals climate forcing from aerosols is dominated by increased cloud cover  Chen, Y; Haywood, J; Wang, Y; et al.
    24 July 2018Magnetic Helicity as a Predictor of the Solar Cycle  Berger, MA; Hawkes, G
    1 July 2018Magnetic Helicity as a Predictor of the Solar Cycle  Hawkes, G; Berger, MA
    2 September 2014Magnetic Helicity, Tilt, and Twist  Pevtsov, Alexei A.; Berger, M.A.; Nindos, A.; et al.
    2011Magnetic Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the Sun  Foullon, Claire; Verwichte, E.; Nakariakov, V.M.; et al.
    23 May 2020Magnetic Reconnection inside a Flux Transfer Event‐like structure in Magnetopause Kelvin‐Helmholtz Waves  Kieokaew, R; Lavraud, B; Foullon, C; et al.
    6 December 2015Maintenance of phenotypic diversity within a set of virulence encoding genes of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum  Holding, Thomas; Recker, Mario
    1 November 2013Maintenance of the stratospheric structure in an idealized general circulation model  Jucker, M; Fueglistaler, S; Vallis, GK
    23 June 2016Mapping the climate change challenge  Hallegatte, S; Rogelj, J; Allen, M; et al.
    26 January 2018Mapping the Energy Cascade in the North Atlantic Ocean: The Coarse-graining Approach  Aluie, H; Hecht, M; Vallis, GK
    2 April 2020Mapping the yields of lignocellulosic bioenergy crops from observations at the global scale  Li, W; Ciais, P; Stehfest, E; et al.
    10 January 2020Marginal stability of the convective boundary layer  Thuburn, J; Efstathiou, G
    8 September 2017Martingale-coboundary decomposition for families of dynamical systems  Korepanov, A; Kosloff, Z; Melbourne, I
    2005Master-equation approach to the study of phase-change processes in data storage media  Blyuss, Konstantin; Ashwin, Peter; Bassom, Andrew P.; et al.
    9 February 2007Master-equation approach to understanding multistate phase-change memories and processors  Wright, C. David; Blyuss, Konstantin; Ashwin, Peter
    6 January 2016Mathematical Frameworks for Oscillatory Network Dynamics in Neuroscience.  Ashwin, Peter; Coombes, S; Nicks, R
    17 August 2016Mathematical modeling of gonadotropin-releasing hormone signaling.  Pratap, A; Garner, KL; Voliotis, M; et al.
    14 January 2019Mathematical modelling highlights the complex role of AKT in TRAIL-induced apoptosis of HCT116 colorectal carcinoma cells  Anderson, MW; Moss, JJ; Szalai, R; et al.
    21 February 2019Mathematical Modelling of Endocrine Systems  Zavala, E; Wedgwood, KCA; Voliotis, M; et al.
    30 December 2021Mathematical models in GnRH research  Voliotis, M; Plain, Z; Li, XF; et al.