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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 June 2016Validating weather and climate models at small Rossby numbers: including a boundary layer  Beare, RJ; Cullen, MJP
    14 August 2013Variance estimation for Brier Score decomposition  Siegert, S
    23 October 2015Variation of fundamental groups of curves in positive characteristics  Saidi, Mohamed; Tamagawa, Akio
    16 April 2021Variational generalization of the Green–Naghdi and Whitham equations for fluid sloshing in three-dimensional rotating and translating coordinates  Alemi Ardakani, H
    13 July 2018Vegetation distribution and terrestrial carbon cycle in a carbon cycle configuration of JULES4.6 with new plant functional types  Harper, AB; Wiltshire, AJ; Cox, PM; et al.
    30 April 2019Vertical and horizontal distribution of submicron aerosol chemical composition and physical characteristics across northern India during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons  Brooks, J; Allan, JD; Williams, PI; et al.
    2016Vertical discretizations giving optimal representation of normal modes: General equations of state  Thuburn, J
    6 April 2017Vertical slice modelling of nonlinear Eady waves using a compatible finite element method  Yamazaki, H; Shipton, J; Cullen, MJP; et al.
    3 November 2020Vertical variability of the properties of highly aged biomass burning aerosol transported over the southeast Atlantic during CLARIFY-2017  Wu, H; Taylor, JW; Szpek, K; et al.
    23 November 2010Viral and epidemiological determinants of the invasion dynamics of novel dengue genotypes  Lourenço, J; Recker, M
    4 March 2021Visuo-motor attention during object interaction in children with developmental coordination disorder  Arthur, T; Harris, DJ; Allen, K; et al.
    22 January 2019Vortex dynamics of stratospheric sudden warmings: a reanalysis data study using PV contour integral diagnostics  Kwasniok, F; Beaumont, R; Thuburn, J
    13 April 2017Vortex Erosion in a Shallow Water Model of the Polar Vortex  Beaumont, R; Kwasniok, F; Thuburn, J
    2004Vortex motion in a weak background shear flow  Bajer, Konrad; Bassom, Andrew P.; Gilbert, Andrew D.