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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 December 2018p-adic deformation of motivic Chow groups  Langer, A
    5 February 2019Pacific Ocean Variability Influences the Time of Emergence of a Seasonally Ice-Free Arctic Ocean  Screen, JA; Deser, C
    2008Packings induced by piecewise isometries cannot contain the Arbelos  Trovati, Marcello; Ashwin, Peter; Byott, Nigel P.
    25 June 2015Parameter shifts for nonautonomous systems in low dimension: Bifurcation- and Rate-induced tipping  Ashwin, Peter; Perryman, C; Wieczorek, Sebastian
    9 February 2016Parameter uncertainty in forecast recalibration  Siegert, S; Sansom, PG; Williams, R
    21 June 2017Parameter-dependent behaviour of periodic channels in a locus of boundary crisis  Rankin, J; Osinga, HM
    4 May 2016Parametrizing the Antarctic stable boundary layer: synthesizing models and observations  Walesby, KT; Beare, RJ
    12 November 2019Parareal Convergence for Oscillatory PDEs with Finite Time-scale Separation  Peddle, A; Haut, T; Wingate, B
    30 January 2012Particle kinetic analysis of a polar jet from SECCHI COR data  Feng, L; Inhester, Bernd; de Patoul, Judith; et al.
    2003Partition identities arising from involutions  Chapman, Robin
    2016Partitions with bounded differences between largest and smallest parts  Chapman, Robin
    29 February 2012Passive scalar decay in chaotic flows with boundaries  Zaggout, FA; Gilbert, Andrew D.
    18 October 2017Passivity and electric circuits: a behavioral approach  Hughes, TH
    24 March 2015Pattern selection: the importance of "how you get there"  Ashwin, Peter; Zaikin, Alexey
    2008Peeking into pit fields: a multiple twinning model of secondary plasmodesmata formation in tobacco  Faulkner, Christine; Akman, Ozgur E.; Bell, Karen; et al.
    31 January 2018Performance analysis of robust stable PID controllers using dominant pole placement for SOPTD process models  Das, S; Halder, K; Gupta, A
    7 May 2013Performance comparison of optimal fractional order hybrid fuzzy PID controllers for handling oscillatory fractional order processes with dead time  Das, S; Pan, I; Das, S
    1 September 2016Performance modelling and analysis of software defined networking  Miao, WM; Min, GM; Wu, Y; et al.
    1 September 2016Performance modelling and analysis of software defined networking  Miao, WM; Min, GM; Wu, Y; et al.
    2011Period persistence of long period oscillations in sunspots  Chorley, N.; Foullon, Claire; Hnat, B.; et al.