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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 October 2015Semianalytical approach to criteria for ignition of excitation waves  Bezekci, B.; Idris, I.; Simitev, R. D.; et al.
    9 December 2013Sensitive CO and 13CO survey of water fountain stars Detections towards IRAS 18460-0151 and IRAS 18596+0315  Rizzo, JR; Gómez, JF; Miranda, LF; et al.
    4 April 2018Sensitive finite state computations using a distributed network with a noisy network attractor  Ashwin, PB; Postlethwaite, C
    1 May 2016Sensitivity analysis of environmental models: A systematic review with practical workflow  Pianosi, F; Beven, K; Freer, J; et al.
    21 May 2020Sensitivity and accuracy of refractive index retrievals from measured extinction and absorption cross sections for mobility-selected internally mixed light absorbing aerosols  Cotterell, MI; Szpek, K; Haywood, JM; et al.
    23 July 2013Sensitivity of ferry services to the Western Isles of Scotland to changes in wave and wind climate  Coll, John; Woolf, David K.; Gibb, Stuart W.; et al.
    27 June 2016Sensitivity of volcanic aerosol dispersion to meteorological conditions: A Pinatubo case study  Jones, AC; Haywood, JM; Jones, A; et al.
    17 December 2020Sequential escapes and synchrony breaking for networks of bistable oscillatory nodes  Creaser, J; Ashwin, P; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K
    12 December 2018Sequential escapes: onset of slow domino regime via a saddle connection  Ashwin, P; Creaser, J; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K
    6 February 2018Sequential noise-induced escapes for oscillatory network dynamics  Creaser, J; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K; Ashwin, P
    12 August 2015Serial clustering of extratropical cyclones in a multi-model ensemble of historical and future simulations  Economou, Theodoros; Stephenson, David B.; Pinto, JG; et al.
    27 January 2005Several new quadrature formulas for polynomial integration in the triangle  Taylor, Mark; Wingate, Beth; Bos, Len P.
    21 March 2016Shallow-water sloshing in a moving vessel with variable cross-section and wetting-drying using an extension of George's well-balanced finite volume solver  Alemi Ardakani, H; Bridges, TJ; Turner, MR
    15 October 2019Shaw and Shal voltage-gated potassium channels mediate circadian changes in Drosophila clock neuron excitability  Smith, P; Buhl, E; Tsaneva-Atanasova, K; et al.
    2011Shear-induced bifurcations and chaos in models of three coupled lasers  Blackbeard, Nicholas; Erzgraber, H.; Wieczorek, Sebastian
    23 March 2015Shifted convolution and the Titchmarsh divisor problem over Fq[t]  Andrade, JC; Bary-Soroker, L; Rudnick, Z
    1 February 2016Shock-Sensitivity in Shell-Like Structures: with Simulations of Spherical Shell Buckling  Sieber, J.
    17 July 2017Signal reconstruction of pulmonary vein recordings using a phenomenological mathematical model: Application to pulmonary vein isolation therapy  Green, HD; Thomas, G; Terry, JR
    27 November 2018Significantly increased extreme precipitation expected in Europe and North America from extratropical cyclones  Hawcroft, M; Walsh, E; Hodges, K; et al.
    19 May 2021SimCloud version 1.0: a simple diagnostic cloud scheme for idealized climate models  Liu, Q; Collins, M; Maher, P; et al.