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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 2006Modernizing governance: leadership, red flags, trust and professional power  Massey, Andrew; Hutton, William L.
    2002Modulation and agri-environment schemes: potential impacts on the South West, 2002. A South West perspective on the report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food  Butler, Allan; Turner, Martin; Winter, Michael
    8 November 2019Momentum for Negotiations on Western Sahara Will Fade  Fernandez-Molina, I
    1 September 2006Monitoring the Landscape Heritage Scheme  Morris, Carol; Lobley, Matt
    15 June 2021Moonshots or a cautious take-off? How the Big Five leadership traits predict Covid-19 policy response  Brown, L; Horvath, L; Stevens, D
    24 November 2020More Accurate, but No Less Polarized: Comparing the Factual Beliefs of Government Officials and the Public  Lee, N; Nyhan, B; Reifler, J; et al.
    6 May 2015More than Politics: Ability and Ideology in the British Appellate Committee  Katz, Gabriel; Iaryczower, Matias
    23 September 2016Motivated reasoning about public performance: An experimental study of how citizens judge the affordable care act  James, O; Van Ryzin, GG
    2 August 2017Moving beyond (non-)compliance: the customization of European Union policies in 27 countries  Thomann, E; Zhelyazkova, A
    1 August 2017Moving beyond legal compliance: Innovative approaches to EU multilevel implementation  Thomann, E; Sager, F
    12 July 2016Multiple streams in member state implementation: politics, problem construction and policy paths in Swiss asylum policy  Sager, F; Thomann, E
    5 December 2018Mutual dependence or state dominance? Large private suppliers and the British state 2010-2015  Greasley, S
    2 January 2015Mythbusters Challenge Panel (MBCP) Case Analysis, Report for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  Dunlop, Claire A.