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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2020Can partisans be pluralist? A comparative study of party member discourse in France and Hungary  Herman, L
    24 September 2019Can’t Get No Learning: The Brexit Fiasco through the Lens of Policy Learning  Dunlop, CA; Scott, J; Radaelli, CM
    1 January 2017Capacity to adapt to environmental change: evidence from a network of organizations concerned with increasing wildfire risk  Jasny, LS; Fischer, AP
    7 June 2021Capitalising on faith? An intergenerational study of social and religious capital among Baby Boomers and Millennials in Britain  Fox, S; Muddiman, E; Hampton, J; et al.
    12 December 2017Carl Schmitt in Moscow: Counter-Revolutionary Ideology and the Putinist State  Lewis, DG
    1 October 2018Central Asia: Fractured region, illiberal regionalism  Lewis, DG
    2010Central Asian statehood in post-colonial perspective  Heathershaw, John
    1 July 2019Centred Discourse, Decentred Practice: The Relational Production of Russian and Chinese 'Rising' Power in Central Asia  Heathershaw, JD; Owen, C; Cooley, A
    14 December 2019Challenging peripheralising discourses: Using evolutionary economic geography and, complex systems theory to connect new regional knowledges within the periphery  Willett, J
    2010Changing Objectives, Shifting Alliances: The Greek Communist Party and Party Competition in the Greek Third Republic  Marantzidis, N; Rori, L
    8 December 2017China's economic slowdown: Implications for Beijing's institutional power and global governance role  Loke, B
    30 July 2019China's rise and U.S. hegemony: navigating great-power management in East Asia  Loke, BW
    23 June 2014Citizens and Security Threats: Issues, Perceptions, and Consequences Beyond the National Frame  Vaughan-Williams, N; Stevens, Daniel P.
    9 November 2015Citizens' Blame of Politicians for Public Service Failure: Experimental Evidence about Blame Reduction through Delegation and Contracting  James, O; Jilke, S; Petersen, C; et al.
    2 September 2020Citizens’ Attitudes to Contact Tracing Apps  Horvath, L; Banducci, S; James, O
    19 September 2019Citizens’ Motivated Reasoning About Public Performance: Experimental Findings from the US and Denmark  Baekgaard, M; Serritzlew, S; James, O; et al.
    6 June 2017Civic Participation in a Hybrid Regime: Limited Pluralism in Policymaking and Delivery in Contemporary Russia  Owen, C; Bindman, E
    24 January 2019Civil society activism, strategic alignment and international public policy making for spectrum  Rashid, I; Simpson, S
    10 January 2014Civilizational Analysis in International Relations: Mapping the Field and Advancing a ‘Civilizational Politics’ Line of Research  Bettiza, Gregorio
    11 October 2017Climate Adaptation in Fragmented Governance Settings: the Consequences of Reform in Public Administration  den Uyl, R; Russel, DJ