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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 October 2018Social inequalities in rural England: Impacts on young people post-2008  Black, N; Scott, K; Shucksmith, M
    2017Social learning and the bonds of self-governing communities  Castiglione, D
    1 September 2003Some ethnographic reflections on the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic: a case study from Devon  Winter, Michael
    22 February 2021Some people just want to watch the world burn: The prevalence, psychology and politics of the “Need for Chaos”  Arceneaux, K; Gravelle, TB; Asmundsen, M; et al.
    13 April 2010Sources of increased output in UK agriculture 1935-85 : using farm management survey accounts to identify technical change  Brassley, P
    23 November 2016Sperm Donor Anonymity and Compensation: An Experiment with American Sperm Donors  Coan, T; Cohen, IG; Ottey, M; et al.
    1 April 2019Sri Lanka  Lewis, DG
    17 February 2020Sri Lanka’s Schmittian Peace: Sovereignty, Enmity and Illiberal Order  Lewis, D
    1 July 2012Stable party strength in an unstable political landscape? The case of the Golden Dawn  Georgiadou, V; Rori, L
    19 February 2015State as resource, mediator and performer: understanding the local and global politics of gold mining in Kyrgyzstan  Heathershaw, John; Doolot, A
    1 October 2015State Capacity and Long-Run Economic Performance  Katz, Gabriel; Dincecco, Mark
    9 September 2020Status-quo or Grievance Coalitions: The Logic of Cross-ethnic Campaign Appeals in Africa’s Highly Diverse States  Gadjanova, E
    1 March 2020Stitching a sensibility for sustainable clothing: Quiet activism, affect and community agency  Hackney, F; Saunders, C; Willett, J; et al.
    1 July 2019Strategic Culture and Geography: Russia’s Southern Seas after Crimea  Lewis, D
    15 July 2019Strategic Culture and Russia’s “Pivot to the East”: Russia, China and “Greater Eurasia”  Lewis, D
    20 November 2017Strategic or principled? The engagement of civil society organisations with the EU  Kroger, S
    12 October 2020Strategic stability and the proliferation of conventional precision strike: a (bounded) case for optimism?  Blagden, D
    19 March 2019Street Demonstrations and the Media Agenda: an Analysis of the Dynamics of Protest Agenda-Setting  Saunders, C; Jennings, W
    2 April 2014Street-level bureaucrats and new modes of governance – how conflicting roles affect the implementation of the Swiss ordinance on veterinary medicinal products  Sager, F; Thomann, E; Zollinger, C; et al.
    1 September 2003Structural change in the pig industry  Sheppard, Andrew