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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 February 2020A Crisis in Democracy? Brexit and the 2017 General Election in an age of PostTruth  Williams, S
    17 September 2015A Geological Study of the Potential for Rare Earth Element By-Product Recovery from Greek Bauxite Deposits  Mouchos, Evangelos
    17 February 2020“I Will Not Be Conquered”: Popular Music and Indigenous Identities in North America  Rees, W
    30 September 2010A new and diverse plastid-bearing microbial eukaryote and its position on the eukaryotic tree of life.  Harrison, James William
    4 May 2020A Phylogenetic Study of Vulnerable Batoid Species from the North Atlantic  Bache-Jeffreys, M
    29 September 2011A population-based study of cognitive decline and peripheral inflammatory gene expression  Bradley-Smith, Rachel Mary
    22 October 2012A Potential Enforcement Tool for Regulating Trade in Tortoises: Stable Isotope Analysis  Wood, Emma Mary
    9 October 2017A Proof Of Melham's Identities  Humby, George
    8 April 2019(Re)Knowing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: from Lived Experience to Mediatory Practice  Ali, A
    14 September 2016A Systematic Review into the Association Between Maternal Hypothyroidism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Childhood  Thompson, William David
    4 November 2013A Tunable Measure of 3D Compactness  Lambert, Quentin Robert Jean-Michel
    7 May 2019A two-phase study to explore whether student radiographer attrition can be predicted and to improve understanding of high attrition rates from undergraduate diagnostic radiography degrees in England.  McAnulla, SJ