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    18 September 2017The 1816 Barbados Slave Revolt  McNaught, Lilian
    4 September 2013Accurate Differentiation of Trichosporon Asahii and Trichosporon Asteroides from other Human Pathogenic Yeasts and Moulds by using Highly Specific Monoclonal Antibodies  Davies, Genna Elizabeth
    1 November 2021Acute and Long-Term Effects of Resistance Exercise on Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation  Smail, O
    19 June 2023The acute effect of heading on neurovascular coupling, optic nerve sheath diameter and memory recall in women footballers  Jack, J
    4 July 2022The acute influence of boxing on brain health parameters in university amateur boxers  Wallis, W
    5 July 2021Advancing marine soundscape ecology with low-cost recorders and machine learning  Williams, B
    29 January 2016Ageing and Physical Performance in Wild Crickets  Kendall, Sophie
    5 October 2020Alternative splicing and its contribution to cognitive decline in the ageing brain  Lye, J
    2 March 2020Analysis of microbial communities associated with Tilapia Aquaculture in Malawi  Alathari, S
    22 August 2022Analysis of the regional environmental performance of mining corporations through the examination of the Corporate Sustainability Reports  Diaz Del Olmo Oliveira, MA
    11 January 2021Analysis of viral signatures from Marine Microorganisms by Single-cell Amplified Genomes and Metagenomic Assembled Genomes  Bell, A
    26 September 2022Anemonefish Behaviour in a Changing World  Hely, I
    7 May 2019Animal and Human Depictions on Artefacts from Early Anglo-Saxon Graves in the Light of Theories of Material Culture  Moradi, L
    19 April 2021The Anthropogenic Forcing of Coccolithophore Growth  Langley, B
    9 November 2017Are Story Maps a useful flood hazard and risk communication tool: A case study from St Blazey.  Drewitt, Lucas Alexander
    27 November 2012Assessing how rainfall and other environmental factors affect the level of E. coli contamination in two species of bivavle  Teague, Charlotte
    22 June 2022Associations between physical activity and sedentary time with endothelial function, arterial stiffness, arterial elasticity, and clustered cardiometabolic risk in children: The ALSPAC Study  Sansum, K
    25 January 2021Babylon in the Greek Imaginaire  Squires, R
    7 April 2014Badger Social Biology and its Effects on Bovine TB Control  Flatman, Joshua Peter
    18 October 2011The Badger Vaccine Deployment Project: year one analysis aiding an adaptive management approach for increasing efficiency  Allsop, Thomas John