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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 October 2014The effect of job-related demands and resources on service employees’ willingness to report complaints  Walsh, G; Yang, Z; Dose, D; et al.
    1 September 2015The Effects of Civility on Advice, Leadership, and Performance  Porath, CL; Gerbasi, A; Schorch, SL
    6 April 2013The effects of de-energizing ties in organizations and how to manage them  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A; Porath, CL
    2004The Effects of Incentive Structures on the Performance of Publicly Funded Venture Capital Funds  Jääskeläinen, Mikko; Maula, Markku; Murray, Gordon
    16 September 2013The Efficacy of High Performance Work Practices in The Middle East  Ramdani, B; Guermat, C; Kechad, R; et al.
    19 January 2014The efficacy of high performance work practices in the Middle East: evidence from Algerian firms  Ramdani, B; Mellahi, K; Guermat, C; et al.
    2021The Emergence of Resilience: Recovery Trajectories in Sleep Functioning After a Major Stressor  Gucciardi, DF; Lang, J; Lines, RLJ; et al.
    11 June 2019The Enduring State: An analysis of governance making in three mining conflicts  Maher, R; Valenzuela, F; Boehm, SG
    25 March 2019The ethics of genome editing in non-human animals: A systematic review of reasons reported in the academic literature  de Graeff, N; Jongsma, KR; Johnston, J; et al.
    29 July 2015The European dilemma: evaluating the implications of UEFA Europa League participation on English Premier League clubs  Cox, A; Gilmore, S; Graham, A
    2 April 2019The European regulation of corporate social responsibility: The role of beneficiaries' intermediaries  Monciardini, D; Conaldi, G
    1 April 2016The evolution of debt policies: New evidence from business startups  Hanssens, J; Deloof, M; Vanacker, T
    19 July 2017The export performance of emerging economy firms: The influence of firm capabilities and institutional environments  Krammer, SMS; Strange, R; Lashitew, A
    24 March 2018The Formation of Environmentally Friendly Intentions of SME Owner-Managers in an Emerging Country: The Case of Tunisian’s Textile–Clothing Industry  Tounés, A; Tornikoski, ET; Gribaa, F
    26 November 2020The funny thing about robot leadership  Gloor, JL; Howe, LC; De Cremer, D; et al.
    1 May 2016The impact of energizing interactions on voluntary and involuntary turnover  Parker, A; Gerbasi, A
    2010The impact of inclusive and fragmented operations strategies on operations performance  Brown, Steve; Squire, Brian; Lewis, Mike
    22 May 2015The impact of information sharing, random yield, correlation, and lead times in closed loop supply chains  Hosoda, T; Disney, SM; Gavirneni, S
    30 July 2016The impact of product returns and remanufacturing uncertainties on the dynamic performance of a multi-echelon closed-loop supply chain  Zhou, L; Naim, MM; Disney, SM
    15 November 2020The impact of regulating board gender diversity on the trickle-down effect: an attention-based view  Page, A; Sealy, R; Parker, A