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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 November 2016Deconstructing 'Readiness' in Early Childhood Education  Evans, Katherine Louise
    18 September 2014Deconstructing Ethnic Conflict and Sovereignty in Explanatory International Relations: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan and the PKK  Cerny, Johannes
    8 June 2020Decorative Plasterwork in South-West England c.1550-1640  Pratt, N
    3 January 2012Defects and dopants in carbon related materials  Pinto, Hugo Manuel
    15 September 2017Defined benefit plan retentions and pension buy-ins/buy-outs: Evidence from the UK.  Mitrou, Evisa
    1 September 2020Defining new molecules and biological pathways underlying neurodegenerative disease  Rickman, O
    8 June 2020Defining the contribution of dorsal vagal complex astrocytes to the regulation of food intake  MacDonald, A
    13 July 2020Defining the genetic and molecular basis of inherited eye diseases present in Pakistan  D'Atri, I
    18 May 2020Defining the O-antigen biosynthetic pathways in zoonotic Coxiella burnetii: Studies of dTDP-sugar biosynthesis and LPS extraction  Cross, A
    18 May 2020Deity and Divine Agency in the Hebrew Bible: Cognitive Perspectives  McClellan, D
    4 March 2019Delayed effects and critical transitions in climate models  Quinn, C
    30 September 2008Deleuze and Film Music  Redner, Gregg
    10 January 2014Demand Reduction and Responsive Strategies for Underground Mining  Williams, Nicholas Charles
    4 May 2020Dementia, Identity, and the Role of Twitter  Talbot, C
    31 May 2016Democratic pluralism as engagement and encounter: asymmetric reciprocity, reflexivity, and agonism  Kerimov, Farhad
    28 August 2008Density Functional Theory Modelling of Intrinsic and Dopant-Related Defects in Ge and Si  Janke, Colin
    17 August 2020Depletion of the phosphatase inhibitor, PPP1R1A, may contribute to beta-cell loss in Type 1 diabetes  Chaffey, J
    30 June 2017Depositional and palaeoecological characteristics of incipient and submerged coral reefs on the inner-shelf of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef  Johnson, James
    1 July 1995Descents on curves of Genus 1  Siksek, Samir
    29 July 2019Design and Fabrication of Nanomaterials for Efficient Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion  Pawar, G