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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 January 2007Decision Support System for Planning of integrated Water Reuse Projects  Joksimovic, Darko
    20 July 2010Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Optimal Storm Sewer Network Design Considering Flood Risk  Sun, Si'ao
    28 November 2016Deconstructing 'Readiness' in Early Childhood Education  Evans, Katherine Louise
    18 September 2014Deconstructing Ethnic Conflict and Sovereignty in Explanatory International Relations: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan and the PKK  Cerny, Johannes
    8 June 2020Decorative Plasterwork in South-West England c.1550-1640  Pratt, N
    19 July 2021Defeating the enemy without fighting at sea: a legal analysis of grey zone operations in the South China Sea  Tuckett, C
    3 January 2012Defects and dopants in carbon related materials  Pinto, Hugo Manuel
    15 September 2017Defined benefit plan retentions and pension buy-ins/buy-outs: Evidence from the UK.  Mitrou, Evisa
    1 September 2020Defining new molecules and biological pathways underlying neurodegenerative disease  Rickman, O
    27 September 2021Defining the clinical and molecular spectrum of inherited eye diseases in community settings  Lin, S
    8 June 2020Defining the contribution of dorsal vagal complex astrocytes to the regulation of food intake  MacDonald, A
    13 July 2020Defining the genetic and molecular basis of inherited eye diseases present in Pakistan  D'Atri, I
    18 May 2020Defining the O-antigen biosynthetic pathways in zoonotic Coxiella burnetii: Studies of dTDP-sugar biosynthesis and LPS extraction  Cross, A
    18 May 2020Deity and Divine Agency in the Hebrew Bible: Cognitive Perspectives  McClellan, D
    4 March 2019Delayed effects and critical transitions in climate models  Quinn, C
    30 September 2008Deleuze and Film Music  Redner, Gregg
    10 January 2014Demand Reduction and Responsive Strategies for Underground Mining  Williams, Nicholas Charles
    4 May 2020Dementia, Identity, and the Role of Twitter  Talbot, C
    31 May 2016Democratic pluralism as engagement and encounter: asymmetric reciprocity, reflexivity, and agonism  Kerimov, Farhad
    26 July 2021Dense Gas, Massive Stars, and Ionising Radiation: Simulating Stellar Feedback in Spiral-Arm Molecular Clouds  Bending, T