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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    23 May 2016UAE student, staff and educator attitudes towards character education  Farouki, Dala Taji
    3 October 2013UAE-Saudi Arabia Border Dispute: The Case of the 1974 Treaty of Jeddah  Al Mazrouei, Noura Saber Mohammed Saeed
    28 January 2019UBI MEL, IBI APES: On the evolutionary ecology of infectious diseases and intersections with apiculture.  Bartlett, L
    6 November 2014UK Strategy in Afghanistan, 2001-2014: Narratives, Transnational Dilemmas, and 'Strategic Communication'  Cawkwell, Thomas William
    10 December 2015Ultrafast dynamics and optical measurements of coherent optical phonons in epitaxial cubic Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films grown on InAs(111) wafer  Alsaigh, Reem
    20 July 2015Ultrafast optical measurements of spin-polarized electron dynamics in nanostructured magnetic materials  Mohamad, Haidar Jawad
    13 June 2013Ultrafast Optical Studies of Phonons and Phase Transitions in Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films  Shalini, Ashawaraya
    23 October 2014Una poeta: Perspectives on the Translation of Janet Frame’s Verse into Italian  Cozzone, Iolanda
    19 February 2013Unbroken Trust: A Memoir of Love  Anderson, Jill Clare
    28 September 2010Uncertainty and Financial Fragility  Yavuz, Devrim
    31 March 2017Uncertainty quantification for spatial field data using expensive computer models: refocussed Bayesian calibration with optimal projection  Salter, James Martin
    22 January 2015Under Two Flags: The Development of NGOs in Libya  El Sahli, Mabroka
    7 November 2014Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Business Sector. Enabling Meaningful, Profitable and Sustainable Engagement in Cornish SMEs to Innovate the Low Carbon Economy  Kaesehage, Katharina
    16 September 2016Understanding anhedonia: Investigating the role of mind wandering in positive emotional disturbances  Jell, Grace Elizabeth
    14 February 2013Understanding Clostridium difficile Infection Outcomes, through Host Clinical Variables, and Bacterial Whole Genome and Phenotypic Analysis  Butt, Emma
    13 November 2017Understanding conservation conflicts surrounding predation and game shooting interests  Swan, George Julius Fraser
    25 July 2016Understanding Dyslexia Implications of the identification of and Support for Children with Dyslexia in Kuwaiti Primary Schools  Altamimi, Reem
    8 April 2019Understanding Early Writing: Pre-school and Primary Teachers’ Beliefs about Writing Development and the Relationship between Espoused Beliefs, Classroom Practice and Young Writers  Yigit, V
    8 April 2015Understanding Extremes and Clustering in Chaotic Maps and Financial Returns Data  Alokley, Sara Ali
    18 December 2015Understanding fire histories: the importance of charcoal morphology  Crawford, Alastair James