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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 November 2016W.E.Gladstone and British Policy Towards the Ottoman Empire  Yildizeli, Fahriye Begum
    28 May 2009Walter Pater's Individualism: Philosophical Aesthetics and the 'Elusive Inscrutable Mistakable Self'  Hext, Kate J.
    27 October 2008War of Words: Liminality, revelation and representation in apocalyptic literature  Beckham, Rosemary Elizabeth
    14 January 2015Warranty of Legality and Public Policy  Wang, Feng
    27 February 2015Wars of Words: An Explication of the Complex Interface between Transnational Advocacy Networks and the Contemporary International System  Lockeyear, Cynthia Noelle
    27 September 2012Was Tertullian a Misogynist? A re-examination of this charge based on a rhetorical analysis of Tertullian’s work.  Cooper, Donna Marie
    1 August 2012Was there a '4.2 kyr event' in Great Britain and Ireland? Evidence from the peatland record  Roland, Thomas Patrick
    4 May 2016Was this rape? Exploring women’s use of an online rape and sexual assault forum: A qualitative analysis  Otway, Lorna
    18 December 2013Water as a Resource: The Significance of Milling in the Early Medieval Landscape of the South-West Midlands of England  Harding, Lesley Anne
    22 October 2008Water Management: the use of stars in Oman  Nash, Harriet
    23 February 2018Wave-turbulence interaction in shallow water numerical models: asymptotic limits, and subgrid interactions  Wheadon, Andrew John
    10 January 2013We'll Meet Again: Music in Dementia Care  Hara, Mariko
    10 April 2015Wealth, Religion, and Early Greek Rulers from the Eighth to Early Fifth Centuries  Jenkin, Stephen Fraser
    31 July 2012Weather Exposure and the Market Price of Weather Risk  Ketsiri, Kingkan
    26 April 2011Web-Based New Literacies and EFL Curriculum Design in Teacher Education: A Design Study for Expanding EFL Student Teachers’ Language-Related Literacy Practices in an Egyptian Pre-service Teacher Education Programme  Abdallah, Mahmoud Mohammad Sayed
    25 July 2013Weight Matters: An Investigation of Women's Narratives about their Experiences of Weight Management and the Implications for Health Education  Browne, Lisa Caroline
    9 March 2015Western Support to Warlords in Afghanistan from 2001 - 2014 and its Effect on Political Legitimacy  Morgan Edwards, Lucy Helen
    30 April 2018What are People’s Experiences of Orthorexia Nervosa, as Described in Online Blogs?  Greville-Harris, Maddy
    8 August 2017What are the Delivery System Design Characteristics of Information-Centric Mass Claims Processes?  Alves, Kyle Vierra
    5 January 2016What are we missing by ignoring text records in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink? Using three symptoms of cancer as examples to estimate the extent of data in text format that is hidden to research  Price, Sarah Jane