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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 March 2014Venturing into a Vanishing Space: Representations of Palestine in Jewish-American and Arab Novels  Aljahdali, Samar Hameed H
    4 January 2021Versions of contemporary London staged in Westward Ho (1604), Eastward Ho (1605), and Northward Ho (1605)  Porteous, J
    17 June 2014Viability of the Yin-Yang Grid as a Basis for Future Generations of Atmospheric Models  Goddard, Jacqueline Clare
    30 November 2015Vibration Damping of Lightweight Sandwich Structures  Aumjaud, Pierre
    22 February 2021Vibration isolation under isolator-structure interaction  Pérez-Aracil, J
    16 May 2022Vibration serviceability and its environmental impact for low-frequency office floors considering their realistic architectural layouts and occupancy  Santos Goncalves, M
    15 June 2020Vibration serviceability of floors subjected to footfall loading of single and multiple occupants  Mohammed, A
    11 November 2019Vibration Serviceability of Floors: A Probabilistic Framework  Muhammad, Z
    6 December 2016Video game 'Underland'; and thesis 'Playable Stories: Writing and Design Methods for Negotiating Narrative and Player Agency'  Wood, Hannah
    27 September 2012Video Gaming: The Sociology of a Lifeworld  Gazis, Victor Christos
    27 January 2020Virginity as Performance: A practice-based inquiry on (female) embodiment and memory in contemporary Turkey and beyond  Ercin, NE
    17 June 2019Virulence and Evolutionary Ecology in the Entomopathogen Bacillus thuringiensis  Manktelow, J
    16 May 2022Virus host shifts in Drosophila: The influences of virus genotype and coinfection on susceptibility within and across host species  Imrie, R; Imrie, R
    1 September 2016Virus-like particles as a novel platform for delivery of protective Burkholderia antigens  Bayliss, Marc Ashley
    28 March 2022Viscoelastic Controls on Volcanic Ground Deformation and Reservoir Failure  Head, M
    12 June 2015Vision and Visual Art in Sylvia Plath's Ariel and Last Poems  Tunstall, Lucy Suzannah
    17 June 2013Visual Elective Affinities: An Elliptical Study of the Works of Angela Carter and Marosa di Giorgio  Font Marotte, Natalia
    24 December 2013Visualising Change in the Tamar Valley: Participatory Processes for Generating 3D Visual Tools to Communicate Sea-level Rise  Nettley, Amy Jessica
    20 December 2012Vital Spaces/Vital Signs: Young People, Performance, Identity and Dialogue  Walcon, Erin Colleen