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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 January 2021Versions of contemporary London staged in Westward Ho (1604), Eastward Ho (1605), and Northward Ho (1605)  Porteous, J
    17 June 2014Viability of the Yin-Yang Grid as a Basis for Future Generations of Atmospheric Models  Goddard, Jacqueline Clare
    30 November 2015Vibration Damping of Lightweight Sandwich Structures  Aumjaud, Pierre
    22 February 2021Vibration isolation under isolator-structure interaction  Pérez-Aracil, J
    15 June 2020Vibration serviceability of floors subjected to footfall loading of single and multiple occupants  Mohammed, A
    11 November 2019Vibration Serviceability of Floors: A Probabilistic Framework  Muhammad, Z
    6 December 2016Video game 'Underland'; and thesis 'Playable Stories: Writing and Design Methods for Negotiating Narrative and Player Agency'  Wood, Hannah
    27 September 2012Video Gaming: The Sociology of a Lifeworld  Gazis, Victor Christos
    27 January 2020Virginity as Performance: A practice-based inquiry on (female) embodiment and memory in contemporary Turkey and beyond  Ercin, NE
    17 June 2019Virulence and Evolutionary Ecology in the Entomopathogen Bacillus thuringiensis  Manktelow, J
    1 September 2016Virus-like particles as a novel platform for delivery of protective Burkholderia antigens  Bayliss, Marc Ashley
    12 June 2015Vision and Visual Art in Sylvia Plath's Ariel and Last Poems  Tunstall, Lucy Suzannah
    17 June 2013Visual Elective Affinities: An Elliptical Study of the Works of Angela Carter and Marosa di Giorgio  Font Marotte, Natalia
    24 December 2013Visualising Change in the Tamar Valley: Participatory Processes for Generating 3D Visual Tools to Communicate Sea-level Rise  Nettley, Amy Jessica
    20 December 2012Vital Spaces/Vital Signs: Young People, Performance, Identity and Dialogue  Walcon, Erin Colleen
    25 March 2019Voices of the Masked: Material Culture, Identity, and Agency in the Gulf  Goto, M
    6 September 2011Volunteers to Advisors: A reflective study of leadership, education and change in a Third Sector organisation  Crespi, Mirinda Carmen
    12 October 2015Voting: Duty, Obligation or the Job of a Good Citizen? An Examination of Subjective & Objective Understandings of These Drivers and Their Ability to Explain Voting Behaviour.  Millican, Adrian Simon