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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 June 2010Consumer behaviour and the life-course: shopper reactions to self service grocery shops and supermarkets in England c.1947-1975  Bailey, Adrian R.; Shaw, Gareth; Nell, Dawn; et al.
    30 September 2014Contextual variety, Internet-of-Things and the choice of tailoring over platform: Mass customisation strategy in supply chain management  Ng, I; Scharf, K; Pogrebna, G; et al.
    1 November 2016Contingencies and characteristics of service recovery system design: insights from retail banking  Contiero, E; Ponsignon, F; Smart, P; et al.
    2014Contracting for complex performance in markets of few buyers and sellers: the case of military procurement  Caldwell, Nigel; Howard, Mickey
    28 November 2017Converging and Diverging Governance Mechanisms: The Role of (Dys)Function in Long-term Inter-organizational Relationships  Howard, MB; Roehrich, J; Lewis, M; et al.
    8 July 2017Coordinating supply chains via advance-order discounts, minimum order quantities, and delegations  Chintapalli, P; Disney, SM; Tang, CS
    2004Corporate Entrepreneurship: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained?  Hill, Susan A.; Birkinshaw, Julian; Murray, Gordon
    1 October 2009Corporate social responsibility among low-fares airlines: current practices and future trends  Coles, Tim; Dinan, Claire; Fenclova, Emily
    7 May 2013Corporate social responsibility reporting among European low-fares airlines: challenges for the examination and development of sustainable mobilities  Coles, Tim; Fenclova, Emily; Dinan, Claire
    1 October 2009Corporate social responsibility: issues for future development in the low-fares airlines sector  Coles, Tim; Dinan, Claire; Fenclova, Emily
    1 March 2003Corporate venture capitalists and independent venture capitalists: what do they know, who do they know, and should entrepreneurs care?  Murray, Gordon; Maula, M. V. J.; Autio, E.
    15 November 2018Counterfactual Theory as an Under-Utilised Analytical Framework for Studying Precarious Work Experiences  Manolchev, CN; Teigen, KH
    12 April 2018Creating Rich and Representative Personas by Discovering Affordances  Mesgari, M; Okoli, C; Ortiz de Guinea, A
    1 March 2019Critical reflections – The Theory of Planned Behaviour: An interview with Icek Ajzen with implications for entrepreneurship research  Tornikoski, E; Maalaoui, A
    26 June 2015Cross-Sector Partnerships and the Co-creation of Dynamic Capabilities for Stakeholder Orientation  Dentoni, D; Bitzer, V; Pascucci, S
    13 December 2017Crossing (or not?) the 'valley of death': University-industry collaborative e-platforms  Albats, E; Alexander, AT
    14 April 2017Crossing the Valley of Death - An integrated framework and a value chain for emerging technologies  Islam, N
    2013Cultural adaptation in Chinese-Western supply chain partnerships: dyadic learning in an international context  Jia, Fu; Lamming, Richard
    2007Customer satisfaction and service quality in UK financial services  Maddern, Harry; Maull, Roger S.; Smart, Andi; et al.